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Fun propaganda : Whitestar VS EDS

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Fun propaganda : Whitestar VS EDS Empty Fun propaganda : Whitestar VS EDS

Post by Elloa on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:43 am

I was thinking yesterday about making a little "political" game between EDS and Whitestar, for 2 reasons : first, because it's fun and second to keep the attention of the public on Whitestar and EDS, and forget about all other guilds competing for Arun.

This game would be placard with a "lame" argument propaganda. Like :

"Vote for Whitestar! You will be sure that EVERYONE will be treated EQUALLY. 1% taxe for all! Not exclusively for ELIN!"

"Vote for Whitestar! Our special shops, open 24h/24h also sell armours YOUR size."

"Vote for Whitestar! Because we will WORK for YOU! Not just dance!"

Of course, if everyone else find this a good and fun idea, we should warn EDS about this, so they can aswer us by the same kind idea of lame propaganda. It's all for fun, to make people speak about us, to amuse everyone else and show that we can have humour aswell, while keeping a good job done.

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Fun propaganda : Whitestar VS EDS Empty Re: Fun propaganda : Whitestar VS EDS

Post by A.O.D on Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:13 am

Well as long as EDS agrees and thinks its fun, sure why not.
Just try not to create misunderstandings that will lead us to hate each other in the end.

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