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Vanarchip July 2012 (3th circle)

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Vanarchip July 2012 (3th circle) Empty Vanarchip July 2012 (3th circle)

Post by Elloa on Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:09 pm

Hello everyone!

We have discussed that we would not go Vanarch this month, this to allow Peter, our GM, to switch main character. He contacted the support and it's only possible when a guild is not engaged in the elections.

We are not Vanarch this month, which will let us time to focus more on our guild, and on our future elections.
Indeed, we will be aiming for a higher lvl zone, that migth be more rewarding in term of money (even with low taxes), and more fun to manage than low lvl areas.

For this, we will prepare our next campain and I'll create a new video. This will requiere your help and participation obviously.

What to do during THIS Elections?

We may be not participating, but we need to be sure to get votes the next turn, and keep the attention of players on us.

  • We will continue to do events and projects
  • We will propose our help to the Vanarch we are supporting (idea to discuss)
  • We will be more active on the GvG scene

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