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Grimy Talking About what happend.

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Grimy Talking About what happend. Empty Grimy Talking About what happend.

Post by Grimy on Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:13 pm

maybe you already know that i made a video and posted it on tera forums for the lolz and to joke around well here what happened:

1) I got perm ban from tera forums and game:

You have been banned for the following reason:
Extreme Infraction - Extreme sexual or other illegal content

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

2) They copyright strike the video i made that is BS i took the copy right claim off in a few minutes.

3)Then They Flagged It.

I think i took the joking a bit too far i have contacted them and said sorry it was a joke and i did take it too far i asked if the ban can be lifted they said:No perm ban can be lifted... But Don't Worry i do have 2 other accounts so you might find a name you know i will start fresh and i do apologies to anyone that took offense of my video i will keep in touch once i play on my other account.


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