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Whitestar Weekly Organisation Empty Whitestar Weekly Organisation

Post by Elloa on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:03 pm

Whitestar Weekly organisation

  • Monday : Free
  • Tuesday : Dungeon Night
  • Wednesday : Free
  • Thursday : Dungeon Night
  • Friday : Free
  • Saturday : PVP Night ---> Sunday
  • Sunday : Free

  • A weekly organisation allow everyone to know what they can expect on which day. This would allow every Whitestarian to organise themselves accordingly.
  • Social events might be organised on free days
  • If an exeptional event is organised by another guild/player, we migth cancel a regular Night, and join that event instead.
  • The participation of those Nights isn’t enforced, but highly encouraged. If you are free and online : participate !
  • Ventrilo is requiered

Dungeon Night

The Dungeon Night are reserved for Dungeon runs. It can be hardmode, or low level dungeons.
Runs will be announced and organised in that thread : here. You can sign for it to help the leaders to build their group and allow them to find an extra players from another guild if needed.
Prepare your gear, glyphs and cristals accordingly


GVG : We declare a GvG arround 18h, to allow guildies to PVP the Saturday night and the Sunday.
Deathmaches, Duels : When we do not declare wars, we will use this day for DM , duel and PVP training on our main characters.
Prepare your gear, glyphs and cristals accordingly

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