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World PVP - Server Wide event

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World PVP - Server Wide event

Post by Elloa on Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:03 pm

What? Giant GvG
When? Friday 13 july 20h GTM
Where? Velika Outskirt
Who? Every guilds
Organiser : Ellz
Informations : here

Seeing as Friday the 13th is coming up next week!

I propose that everysingle guild goes to velika Outskirts and wage guild wars on each other!

I think its time we show the other servers which one is best, so if we all work together as a community and Co-ordinate a mass serverwide Pvp! We can turn velika into a warzone!

So if you are interested:

Go to velika on friday the 13th and declare war on a guild!

If you save your declarations till 8pm GMT we could co-ordinate the biggest declarations of all servers!

Ask your Guild leaders! ask your guildies!

You don't loose anything and it will be good fun!

Let me know whos interested


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