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(order of the) Whitestar + Risen Souls = Mist Angels

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(order of the) Whitestar + Risen Souls = Mist Angels

Post by Elloa on Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:22 pm

Heya everyone!

As you may know, we have discussed lately about what Whitestar will do in GW2. We have a handful of players that want to experiment more the game, and a handful of players that moved on. For this reason we choose to merge with Emperial's guild Risen Soul, and not to upgrade "Order of the Whitestar" into an active project. Our community guild will be preserved however.

We decided to not join his guild, but instead re-create a new one. Everything is fresh and new.
New name (we decided a bit fastly yesterday evening, along the meeting that were organised on TS), and new forum, exclusively dedicated to this project.

Lunastra (Tsukuyomi) and I had been selected as part of the council that is formed by 5 members +IEmperial as guildleader. We have one seat more in the council that would be given to Majiinfreddy if he wants to come back in GW2, or someone else if he doesn't want.

We, GW2 players (amusing how I'm part of this now:p), we are very enthousiastic and happy to build a serious project for this game.

If you want to be part of the adventure, as Whitestar member you will be automaticaly invited in Mist Angels. You will find the new Enjin forum, in construction : there. Do not mind the worgens!

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Re: (order of the) Whitestar + Risen Souls = Mist Angels

Post by Majiinfreddy on Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:49 pm

Great to see you guys working on something!

Sorry that I've been a bit off, but there are sooo many games to play atm >_<
At the moment Gw2 is kinda far down on my list, but luckily, it's a F2P game! It opens up a whole new horizon when it comes to gaming mmos.
So I wouldn't call it dead for me just yet ^^

Anyway, I will log on from time to time.
I wish you good luck =D


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