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My WoW characters

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My WoW characters

Post by itslifejim on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:12 pm

As WoW is the longest MMO I have played I thought I would share my characters with you Smile

My 1st lvl 60... Fizzywizzy - Female Gnome Mage (eventually became a Draenei name Kahlee)

Morning in IF

Loots in Karazhan.

Sig I made for Fizzywizzy.

1st char but 2nd lvl60... Xaibari - Male Nelf Druid Resto/Feral (no decent screenshot so this)

Xaibari got bit by a Worgen affraid


3rd lvl60... Yaffie - Female Nelf Hunter

Yaffie also got bit by a Worgen Razz
In SSC with my fav Hunter Tier..... going to solo some bosses

ROAR Shocked

Fav pets Kamea - The white Lion - Chillipepper - the molten turtle

I did a little bit of dual boxing.
Here are Déj - Draenei Warrior and Ávu - Draenei Shaman. I only played them to about lvl 70

Other characters I had but no screenshots
Formidonis - Female Human Deathknight
Desensitized - Male Human Priest
Nanotech - Male Gnome Rogue
Pepperoni and Hawaiian - Dwarf male/female Paladin/Priest (another dual boxing pair but did'nt play past lvl10)

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Re: My WoW characters

Post by Aliny on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:18 pm

Nice characters you have there Smile

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