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Samael News Structure

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Samael News Structure Empty Samael News Structure

Post by Elloa on Thu May 03, 2012 2:34 pm

1. Publications

Samael News will follow this model :
  • Flash news + Image of the week + Question of the week on Monday
  • Other articles, when they are written

Newspaper will be promoted:

2. Focus
Samael News focus on what's happening in the community of our server. SN focus on the players interactions.

3. Rubric – Subjects

Every Monday :

  • Flash News (Elloa): gather a serie of very short news (lenghts 2, 4 lines)
    Everyone can gather news and report them here
  • The Image of the week (Karneelya ?) : selected among the images send by the readers
  • The Question of the week (Elloa - ....) : a question asked to diferent random players. Can be about any subject

  • GvG report (Michal) : report about all Guild wars, with comments of the important guilds' leaders

Other articles Articles will be stored in the library of articles

  • News : speak about an important event that happened
  • Politics (monthly) : speak about the elections of the month
  • Interview of player (Malera)
  • Presentation of a guild
  • Adventure and explorations
  • Stories/Comics

4. Samael News Crew :

  • Elloa (Responsible + various rubrics+ articles)
  • Karneelya (Blog + Graphics)
  • Michal (Blog+GvG reports)
  • Malera (Interviews)
  • Acharial( articles)
  • Proof readers :


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