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Promoting Whitestar this week

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Promoting Whitestar this week Empty Promoting Whitestar this week

Post by Elloa on Wed May 16, 2012 1:29 pm

This week, there is no time to slack, and even if there is Diablo, it's important we also focus on our elections. There is different thinsg one can do this week.

Helping in Ostgarath

By groups of two, we go in Osgarath at some random time and we propose our help on the area chat.
"Whitestar is candidate for Vanarch is Osgarath. X and Y are present to help anyone that would need us : BAM quest, gankers, instances. If you want some help, just poke us and we will do what we can"

If everyone do that time to time, it might help a lot. I got that idea a morning while actualy doing it. I think it can works

Promoting our video
We have a video, promote it! Sent it to friends, facebook it, tweet it, uberchar it. But also, promote it in game. Contact your friends, send ig mails... anything that you can think off. You can also do moderate chat spamming.

"Vote community! Vote Whitestar! Check our video on Samael forum or on our forum Whitestarguild.com"


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Promoting Whitestar this week Empty Re: Promoting Whitestar this week

Post by Chakra on Wed May 16, 2012 3:13 pm

Frogster published a Vanarch article on the European forum:


A decision I don't understand is that they only allow deactivating PvP for Shara regions (ie. not for Ostgarath as this is within Arun).
It would be great to ride the fast Vanarch Stallion though, we could go out for guild parades cheers

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