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Elections Daily reports Empty Elections Daily reports

Post by Elloa on Wed May 23, 2012 11:56 pm

Special Election : daily report
During the Election week, Samael News will report you every days the classement of our Vanarch candidate commented by our politicians themselves.

Wednesday 23-05-12
First day of the first Elections of Samael. A historic moment in the life of our server! And we are all very exited and impatient to know the issue of those elections.
Some victories seem to be won in advance. No one will be surprised, for example, to see Elin Dance Squad beeing Vanarch of their choosen zone as they are a well established guild.
Some smaller or less known guilds are already well classified. Will they stay in place in the incommings days? Or will they lose their place at the last minute?
We can expecting some surprise in the very next days! Samael news will follow this veyry closely.

South Shara
1.Darkness Magister (veritas District)
2.Tangra -Deathie (Val Elenium)
3.Hentai Pornstar - Sunni (Westonia)
4. Trollface - Priest (Val parada)
5. Viking of Midgard - brutusbrutal (essenia)

Magister <Darkness> : Anyone who votes or voted for us, we will return the favor by beeing one of the best vanarch guilds there will be. Everyone who vote for us will not be disapointed.

North Shara

1. EDS Mikichi Lorcada
2. Malectum - Milfurd Helkan District
3. TCE - Sylver Val tirkai
5. Honor Bound - Shana Val Kaeli
4. Outlaw - Sam Sylvanoth
6. Exiled Kittycat(lost a place)
7. Serene Security Chemical
Kittycat < Exiled> : For now, no worries. We only got 5-10% yet of the votes we "arranged". We are going for Sylvanoth, so it seems we are up against Honor Bound. But we would also like just any zone really.


1. Insane Code Ostgarath
2. Soul Eater Neal Poporia
3. Whitestar Acharial Arcadia
4. Rigor Mortis Torztomp Val Aureum
5. Big Eyes Small Mouth Chobits Isle of Dawn

Torztomp <Rigor Mortis> : There is still one week left and we are hopping for teh best. if everything turns out alright, cool...if not, tthere is always a next time.
We would be happy with any of the Velika regions, it's the 1th election and it would be nice to see what the Vanarch system has to offer.

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