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Vanarchs propose too much events - SOLUTION here!

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Vanarchs propose too much events - SOLUTION here! Empty Vanarchs propose too much events - SOLUTION here!

Post by Elloa on Fri May 25, 2012 3:31 pm

Dear future Vanarch and everyone else !

While writting the Samael News Election Daily Report, I realised how most guilds here, including Whitestar (but we were the first ones :p) have promised events : tournament, deathmatches evening, races and hide and seek games in their campaign.
What will happen if each of those guild will hold only 1 of those many events promised ? We will have atleast 15 evening focused on events in 21 days !
I believe it will be too much to make any of those events something succesful. Players will have to choose. Vanarchs will have difficulties to promote their event and gather enough people. At best it will be a mitiged success, but we mostly risk to see all efforts done in vain.

I understand that each Vanarch want its hour of glory . I understand that each Vanarch wants players to come in their area and spent some money on shops, and trainers.
But I’m also convinced that we need to think first to the community, to the server, and that a collaboration between Vanarchs will give far better result than if everyone is working on their own.

This is why I came with this idea : Arborea Tour in three evenings.
It’s an idea, a concept. Feel free to share your honnest opinion, criticize or improve it !

Instead of having 15 similars events in three weeks, we will have 3 evenings (or afternoon) gathering 5 different small events : Arun Tour, North Shara Tour, South Shara Tour.

  • Each Vanarch from those continent will come up with an idea of event original and different that will last for +- 1h and that will be hosted in his area. Or several Vanarch can collaborate to create 1 bigger events that will last longer.
  • Players will be invited to participate to all those events, like a touristical Tour in the Continent.
  • Each Vanarch can have his hour of glory, while organising something orginal. All those events will be organised along the same evening, encouraging players to participate to all of them, faciliting the promotion and media (if those events are streamed for example), and allowing an efficient collaboration between Vanarchs and their guilds

I believe that everyone will beneficiate from this. Each Vanarch can shine to be elected the next month. But we will also be more efficient and offer enjoyement of a better quality.

Important Note : it’s not because a Vanarch collaborate to offer a great Tour, that they can not also organise their event on their own aswell.

More details

  • Arun Tour will focus on low level events. Lower level are often neglected, cause it’s more difficult to organise deathmatches with the difference of level, etc. They deserve to have one evening focusing on them.
  • North and South Shara Tour can focus on high level, or exclusively 60 events.
    Up to every one to make use of their imagination and came up with great concepts.
  • The Tera environements are great, different, and can allow differents kind of games.


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