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Post by Elloa on Sun May 27, 2012 6:06 pm

Well I've nothing for the fourth numero :

  • Different guilds added their political campaign promotion posts at the begining of this week: WhiteLotus, Darkness, Insane, Rigor Mortis, Soul Eater, Outlaw and Exiled.
    For more information concerning the evolution of the Elections, please check our Election Daily Report.

  • Tuesday 22-05-12, Whitestar organised a small event to promote their guild before the election: "Meet our pirates". Different guilds joined Whitestar in Cutthroat harbour and had some fun fighting each other in friendly duels. Some members of The Crimson Eye, Divine, Nerf, Innocent, Verex <Darkness>, Justiice <Vehement>(who changed guild again) and Glen <Outlaw> was present. <Bad Manner> also participated, unfortunately one of their member, Angry, had stocked too much infamy and died several times before people understood he wasn't there to grief the party.
    Meanwhile, <Elin Dance Squad>, <Malectum>, and Code, leader of <Insane> had their daily show on Velika's Stairs.

  • Wednesday 23-05-12, after a extended maintenance, players could finally elect the future Vanarch of their choice. Code <Insane> is leading in Arun, Mikichi <Elin Dance Squad> in North Shara, and Magister <Darkness> in South Shara. We are surprised that Ironman and his guild didn't register for the election. For more details about elections, please read our Election Daily Reports.

  • Saturday 26-05-12
    A new pleague is ravaging Arcadia. Name is Bruna, a female Aman Archer who decided to follow Akanee's path. Perhaps it's the same player, considering his comments in the area chat attempting to provoke the poor players trying to level their character: "HEADSHOT".
    Different high level decided to take measures against him. We met in Cresentia, Potato <Tangra> on his alt, and Karneelya <Whitestar>for example.

  • We can follow a new argument in the Samael forum, between the guild <Exiled> and the guild <Hentaï Pornstar>. For that we need to go back in time, when Exiled and <Hentaï Pornstar> had a guild wars against each other. Araella, one officer from <Hentaï Pornstar> had infiltrated <Exiled> with his character Llia and had been accused to be feeding his main guild. The character named Illya had been seen killed seven time in a row, doing nothing, in front of Lumbertown. But this Illiya claim <Hentai Pornstar>, doesn't belong to their guild.
    Sunni's reaction : i don't like our guild being accused of Things that never happened. The person he accused of feeding isn't in our guild or associated with us, it's just non sense. We planted a person in their guild to find the locations of their members, we were ahead by 10 points in the war anyway, it was just as we wanted some pvp action.
    Alek reaction : Well we are not trying to make HP looking bad by making said accusation. the arguement was a result of HP officer, Araella, doubting Kittycats promises to keep PVP enabled because of our previous GvG history.During that GvG we had an unpleasant experience as some of our member was killed repeatedly by HP members? Some even admitted their feeding in our guild chat before leaving, wich is the reason of our dislike in HP. We 're not accusing the HP staff for planning this, we are just saying one or more of their members feeded. Araella's input seem to be based on hisability to make convincing post based on nothing.

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Post by Majiinfreddy on Mon May 28, 2012 1:44 am

Awesome work as always Wendy!!!

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