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Samael News Grand Vanarch Gala - Thursday 31 may

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Samael News Grand Vanarch Gala - Thursday 31 may Empty Samael News Grand Vanarch Gala - Thursday 31 may

Post by Elloa on Wed May 30, 2012 8:43 pm

Samael News Grand Vanarch Gala - Thursday 31 may Vanarc10
Placard made by Karneelya

We believed that the very first election deserved a grand event in its own, a celebration, a reward for the Vanarch, with a hint of roleplay, but not too much, a hint of show off, but not cocky. We hope that not only the Vanarch will enjoy this participation, but also the whole server community will enjoy to participate.

Program of the evening

Screenshot : Vanarchs gather on Velika stair and pose for a group screenshot. The Population can gather and acclaim them.

Parade : Vanarchs mount up, and leave Velika through the west gate in a cortege. The parade will be going and end till the Velika University

Vanarch Speech: Vanarchs will make a small speech (taking 1 min max) that they will adress to the population. Everyone will have the occasion to acclaim them.

Vanarch Meeting : The population will be invited to continue the festivities down in the Valley while Vanarch will gather for more serious buisness. The first meeting of Arborea rulers. During this meeting, they will be invited to discuss about different problems : shops and taxes, PVP, and events.
Samael News will be present along the meeting and will record and summary the issue of the meeting in a special edition.
The specific of this meeting will be given later. You are encouraged to point the subject you would like to see discussed.

The Vanarch Gala will continue for the population in a serie of friendly deathmatches and duels and will be streamed on WhitestarStream.

Each Vanarch will choose two or three bodyguards from their guild that will constitue an armed escort to prevent griefing during the event.

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Samael News Grand Vanarch Gala - Thursday 31 may Empty Re: Samael News Grand Vanarch Gala - Thursday 31 may

Post by Kat on Wed May 30, 2012 10:57 pm

Sounds cool. Glad Whitestar is holding another social event. Smile

Also, wanted to point out that URL bbcode tags does not have quotations around the url. It's just url=<your url> Smile


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