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New movie to promote Whitestar

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New movie to promote Whitestar

Post by Elloa on Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:58 pm

I want to work on a new movie for Whitestar. It will probably be faster, and simplier than the Pirate one. I've all ideas in head, but I'll need your participation.

For the movie I'll need a portrait filmed about you. We will do this along the next week.
In addition I'd like you comment something about what you did for the Arcadia area. Like :
" I did my best to protect Arcadia. I hunted down Garrosh, Akanee, and other infamous outlaw as much as I could"
"I patrolled several evenings, offering my help to those in need. I helped more than 20 players to do their quest in Celestial Hills"

Movie :
It will be a serie of cutscenes showing what we are doing in Arcadia : Protections, BAM help, Patrolls, Events, Parade, Taxes and shops....
Screenshots + textes
Final, we see us coming from Lumbertown, and heading to Ostgarath : "We have protected Arcadia, but we want Ostgarath..."
Scene taken from pirate movie : "Because we are ..pirates!!"

Scenes : Gankers in Cresentia.
Casting : 2 cutes fragil character, 1 char looking terrible (lvl 60), Orson, Amu,Thremero, or Michal. + Acharial

Two cute character gather some herbs, and ran innocently in the field, when suddendly appears a terrible guy becoming outlaw in their back. One cute girl manage to escape, the other one is slain. The brute laugh and roar.
Then a Whitestar saviour arrive and duel the brute who eventualy die.
The other cute girl was crying, and then is cheering when she is saved.
Acharial rez the other girl.

Scene : Bam in Celestial Hills
Casting : a small group of 3 players hunting Bam + Elloa (or Keiki, or any healer who is not Acharial), Karneelya, or Reva

I'm intending to organise the Casting outside Whitestar, for more fun and more promotion of our guild. The name of the "actors" with their guild will be found in the credits.

I also have the music already for this movie. It will be a bit more "epic", but the end will keep a humoristic touch!

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Re: New movie to promote Whitestar

Post by Majiinfreddy on Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:32 pm

Orson, please, be the voice saying
" I did my best to protect Arcadia. I hunted down Garrosh, Akanee, and other infamous outlaw as much as I could"

I'd come.

Sounds like a fun idea though Wendy =D


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