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  1. itslifejim
    Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:39 pm
    Message by itslifejim - Tera beta key
    It's a bit late but maybe you can use it I have a beta key for this weekends EU beta test.

    I will just post the mail here

    Hello adventurer,

    You've heard the buzz and wondered if you will get an exclusive invitation to take part. The answer is yes! Congratulations. You have been chosen to experience the true action combat of TERA first hand and to wrench destiny from the gods themselves.

    In this latest Beta you can play all weekend up to level 38, and experience Dark Cathedral, the open world dungeon which includes an instanced dungeon. On your journey to the core of the Dark Cathedral fight all kinds of hostiles, including Devans and Lokians and, of course, a big ass monster or 2. Here is a video showing some of the action. You really have to play TERA to understand how different it is.

    Please find your TERA closed beta key below:

    This key enables you to take part in the upcoming closed beta weekend from the 30th March to 1st April.

    Go to http://account.tera-europe.com
    Sign up. This will also be your game account!
    Follow the on screen instructions.
    Take care to meet the password criteria!
    Wait for the email verification
    After the verification log into your account
    Press the "enter code" button
    Enter your key
    Open your account overview
    Download the client

    Please find the actual beta schedule on our official website! You will only be able to log into the game on the announced dates and times.

    Should you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate contacting our support team on http://www.tera-europe.com/en/support.

    Rewards, glory and conquest awaits the most skilled warriors...

    The TERA Team!
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