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A new forum for a new era

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A new forum for a new era Empty A new forum for a new era

A new forum for a new era Who_is12

All along those years that I've spend in the virtual world, how many friends do I've met and how many friends have faded away ?
This how it happens in the real world, we meet some persons, we share a moment of our lives together, then our ways continue in different directions. There is nothing sad about this. Its just how it is. And on the web, this will happens even faster, because the connection among players is reduced, and their path of lives are most likely distant in the real world.
However, along those last years, I've also discovered dear friends that I know will always have a special place in my heart, no matter how far and distant can be our paths.

When this forum had been created, in the winter 2009, Fredrik and I wanted to build a little home for ourselves and to welcome our friends. We wanted to have a space to continue to share moments together, no matter what happened in game or in real life.
The forum fastly evolved on a guild forum, as every friends joined us in our exile.

Today, I want to give back the first meaning of Whitestar : to build a community of friends beyond the games.
So, no matter will happen in the future, or in the present. No matter one stop to play while the others continue, Whitestar is and will always be your home, our home.

- Elloa

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Post Sat May 07, 2011 3:39 am by Alakina

*raiser her fist in agreement* well said Wendy!

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Post Mon May 09, 2011 1:41 am by Arulan

Indeed, this deserves an applause^^

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