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Whitestar and GvG Empty Whitestar and GvG

Post by Acharial on Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:23 pm


A while ago we got to know that GvG will have a huge expand in future content patches and will lead to more rewarding gameplay and will have a major impact on the politics. This means Whitestar will have to get involved in GvG more, and since this is one of the biggest aspects of the game we will have to adjust to it, especially considering we are playing on a PvP server.

The plan for now is to scheme out a battle plan. How do we engage in GvG for best result?

The idea for now is to have set days during the week we declare war on guilds and start farming them. That way we will have enough people online for even bigger scale fights at the correct moments. This require to show some interest from our members towards PvP and GvG of course. Without it, we won't ever make this work.

Start farming guilds like: Insane, Darkness, Trollface, Soul Eater, will be a good start to our GvG career!

The days for this are not yet set and that is what this thread will be about, what days would you guys be up for it and how many days a week?


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Whitestar and GvG Empty Re: Whitestar and GvG

Post by Elloa on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:12 pm

My advice :

I'd like to start with 1 day, to see how the guild react, and enjoy the GvG. It would also allow low lvl players/those who don't like PVP to not be penalised too much and be encouraged to participate step by step.

I believe that the best day would be either declaration the friday night to have the evening + night + saturday afternoon. Or declaration saturday afternoon which would let us the afternoon, evening and night.
Weeks day when most are free only the evening should be kept for smaller/shorter event.

First guild, I'd like us to kill is Soul Eater. Cause their 15% taxes is simply unacceptable.

Some friendly GVG could be organised aswell with guilds that we like. In this case it would be easier to organise a battlefield kind of war.


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Whitestar and GvG Empty Re: Whitestar and GvG

Post by Feline on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:52 pm

My opinion:

1 Day to start with just like Elloa said, but on Saturday late afternoon so we have the sunday aswell, we all know sundays are boring so lots of people will be playing Tera. Smile


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Whitestar and GvG Empty Re: Whitestar and GvG

Post by Darsk on Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:48 pm

I am still grinding through most of this forums content , so forgive me if i missed a post or two , but are there class trainers or officers?
Whitestar probably not used getting lower lvls. But this GvG or Pvp is intresting , specially if the guild overal benefits from it.
U guys planning it in the weekend is also awsome as in the week things are harder.

Anyways a beginner lancer here working his way up so i may be able one day to serve and help those that need.

Let me know who the lancer officer is ? Thx


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Whitestar and GvG Empty Re: Whitestar and GvG

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