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[preparation] Death or Alive

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[preparation] Death or Alive Empty [preparation] Death or Alive

Post by Elloa on Thu May 17, 2012 10:41 am

Death or Alive

The Valkyrion Federation warn the citizen of <area> that X Outlaw had escaped the authorities. Those Outlaws are very dangerous individuals that represent a serious menace for the Population. Whitestar, on behalf on the Valkyrion Federation, will rewards anyone that can prove the capture, or the death of one of those Outlaw, by <reward> for each head.
Do not venture alone, gather by group of 5 to start the hunt.
Interested? Gather <day> at <place> where the hunt will be organised.

Work with lvl 5 11-13 against lvl 20

Hide and Seek game for lower level. By group of 5 players, the different teams will be sent in a define area and will have to find and defeat one of the several outlaws that is hidding.
Outlaws will be higher level character, with the strict instruction to activate their Outlaw skill. They might either try to flew, or to defeat the team. the team can rez and continue the game as long as they want.
The game will stop 2h later, or when all Outlaws had been defeated.

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