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Vanarchip June 2012

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Post by Elloa on Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:00 pm

In Whitestar we have always had a big focus on community, as you can see on our other projects in Tera. Our goal is to help to create a community where everyone can have fun and we all feel like friends and neighbors. With this, we feel that we can bring a piece to the game as Vanarchs.
- Beatrix, officer in Whitestar

In Whitestar, we take our job seriously, and we do it as good as possible. But we add a little touch of fantasy and a pinch of humour. Because Tera is a game that take all its meaning when players involve themselves and participate. We hope that what we do, will inspire and motive other players and other guilds.
Elloa, officer in Whitestar

Vanarchip June 2012 Whites33

Vote for Whitestar, we keep our promises
  • We promised low taxes, all our services had been kept at 1% at all time.
    The 1000 gold we won over three weeks had been used to re-apply as Vanarch
  • We promised shops : our level 60 farmed the Vanarch points every morning to keep the shops open at all time, with the minimum downtime possible.
  • We promised events : we organised the Grand Vanarch Gala, and Fight in the Woods
  • We promised to provide help : we had a team hunting outlaws. Thanks to Shelma, Acharial, Thremero, Amuatama, Orson : Garrosh, Grimy, Akane, Bad Manners, Gank'N Spank and Insane couldn't gank lowbies unpunished. We had several members doing rounds and offering assistance in group quest, instances and providing newbies tips and infos.

Vote Whitestar, the community is our focus!
We do not only limit our help to Arcadia. Beeing helpfull, respectful, and bring life to the server is a general behaviour in our guild. We are actively participating to make Samael a living place.
Our bigest project for the server is the newspaper Samael News
We also try to encourage/promote the events of other guilds and other players.
We have many ideas that we will organise in future.

Vote Whitestar, we are honnest and upright!
We have decided to not arrange votes exchanges with others guilds. We want to be elected because it's the choice of each players, not the choice of their guild master. We want to convince the community we deserve our place as Vanarch by our acts, our daily behaviour, our dedication, our project.

Vanarchip June 2012 5031_l13
If you appreciate what we do, if you believe we deserve our Honnor Strider, then VOTE WHITESTAR!


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