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PWI: War of the Immortals

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PWI: War of the Immortals Empty PWI: War of the Immortals

Post by Alakina Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:20 pm

testing a new game and i have to say that its a game...i cant stop to play xD
Its called War of the Immortals and is another game from Perfect World International, as you all may know i already play their Forsaken World.

Let me introduce another game to this thread!

Welcome to the War of the Immortals!
PWI: War of the Immortals Dimra110

PWI: War of the Immortals Dimra210

The only thing i dont like with this game is that the cam is lock facing downwards...you feel like you want to move up the cam to see more of the surroundings but this is a no-can-do atm...will be happy to see if they change that in the open beta. There is a few bugs here and there aswell but nothing major..not what ive discovered so far.
Its very easy to play, just as i like it and its simple to learn what needs to be done.

I have tried 3 classes up to about lvl 30 (it goes with tremendous speed to take the first lvls) I tried a Magus, a Heretic and a Enchantress (Bard)
I got stuck on The Heretic, since i love the priestly ways, and besides i look like a valkyrie! got a ncie shield and a staff and some wings on my back. and some awesome looking gear too. You get your first mount on lvl 35+

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