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SWTOR news thread - official and non official

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SWTOR news thread - official and non official Empty SWTOR news thread - official and non official

Post by Elloa on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:23 am

SWTOR News thread

This thread will be used to gather in the same post all news concerning SWTOR that are worth to be shared in our forums.

Lord Calypho server forum is now open!

Check here
I'm intending to be quite active on the server forum, because it's a good way to get aquainted with players from your server, specialy in SWTOR where it's not that obvious to meet other players. It's also a very good way to make our guild known for the day we would like to recruit (in case it happen).
This forum is very new, so it need to be know. Share the info arround you. I've started some chatting thread and a guild list thread.

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SWTOR news thread - official and non official Empty Guild Summit

Post by Elloa on Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:03 am

I'll post in this thread anything related to the guild summit that I find interesting.

Legacy System

The details disclosed:

- buffs unlocked for every companion quest line completed
- although not in 1.2, a ‘Grey’ alignment will have its rewards, just like ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ side alignment
- social rank unlocks: can dance with companion, ‘brawling abilities’ for unarmed duels
- RP packs to go along with new emotes
- most legacy unlocks can not only be earned but can also be purchased
- cooldown reductions for Fleet Passes
- new Sprint level (Bounty Hunters via their Rocket Pack, the rest via ‘rocket boots’
- training dummies – including Warzone and Operations dummies
- Repair Atsromech on your ship – will repair, buy and sell your items
- Neutral GTN terminal and mailbox on your ship! (The GTN terminal option is “VERY” high up the legacy system)
- Any legacy items can be mailed to your other toons, including cross-faction
- Unique Orange items only available via Legacy
- the future: customising your alt experience e.g. buy speeder license earlier than currently available


- character transfers ‘not in immediate future’ but will be able to meld legacies
- no specific plan to allow sharing of legacies with other players but it’s on the list to do
- yes you will be able to use Force Choke on Republic side (via Legacy unlock)
- yes a WoW Barber shop equivalent is on the table but a ways off
- shared alt bank space (legacy bank) is on the timetable, so set date
- no plans for additional character slots, related to legacy or otherwise
- 1.3: can buy buffs for XP for things you like doing (see character customisation above)
- no present plans for bind to legacy gear dropping in PvP / Flashpoiints / Operations
- dual spec: ‘multi-spec’ is coming and likely to be tied to legacy system – well after 1.2 though
- spec being written to allow for both character and legacy name changes (likely to cost or have some other ‘gate’)
- maximum legacy level cap is 50 but definitely expandable
- C2-N2 will have a voice restraining bolt
- companions can’t go in legacy family tree at this stage
- cosmetic ship upgrades are in the future but not necessarily tied to legacy
- non-Force users can only use legacy unlocked Force buffs if there’s another Force user in the family

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