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[WOW][Story] Morninglight stories

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[WOW][Story] Morninglight stories Empty [WOW][Story] Morninglight stories

Post by Ryasha on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:38 am

The only forum these stories were ever posted were the Natures Grasp forums. I hope you can enjoy it too! There are not really stories about Ryasha yet, since she hasn't been an active RP character for me untill recently. So most stories are about Eavya. A few about Lynnayla aswell.

I'll start out with a story about Eavie and her sisters and see how you like it before I post more Wink

Oh, and it's a long story, so I guess I'll post it in parts ^^

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[WOW][Story] Morninglight stories Empty Re: [WOW][Story] Morninglight stories

Post by Ryasha on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:41 am

A sister… Lost forever?

This is a hard story for me to tell. It happened four years ago but it still lies fresh within my memory. It haunts me still in my dreams.
The day had such a promising beginning…

I woke up with the rays of the early sun upon my face. I had to smile, I love to wake up like that. I turned around in my bed one last time and dozed off a little bit. I woke up again at the joyful scream of Elawyen. Again I smiled.
‘Wake up Eavie!’ she yelled in my ear. I just pulled my blanket over my ears and pretended to be sleeping, while inside I had to grin.
‘Eavie! The rain has finally gone! You have to come outside, you’ll love it!’ I could just hear her big smile in her voice. I knew without looking what she looked like right now. Hair all messy, wearing ragged clothes, no shoes. Elawyen was always like that. She didn’t care how she looked, only how she felt… And that day she was so happy!
I couldn’t pretend to sleep anymore, the rays of the sun and Elawyens joyfulness had gotten to me and I stepped out of bed. Elawyen looked even happier as she didn’t even give me the time to properly dress myself. No, instead, she just dragged me out of the inn and into the forest at Sardor Isle.

We came there a week ago. Our first trip together without our mother. We needed some time away from Darnassus, still used to the nomadic life we lived before. Mother wouldn’t go with… She stayed, but we ventured out into Kalimdor. We, as in me and my sisters, Elawyen, Ryasha, Nyrinde and Lilyven. We all have different interests but still we loved to travel together… Elune knows how much that has changed now…

As Elawyen dragged me out of the inn I could hear my other sisters outside. They were probably messing around at the beach. Especially Ryasha and Nyrinde, they loved to swim, they loved the feel of sand in their hair, I guess… The birds were singing as if their life depended on it and the smell of the recently cleansed forest really filled me with joy. I looked at Elawyen, who was still holding my hand, and smiled.
‘If you let me get dressed Elly, I can come with you and we’ll have a picnic for breakfast.’ Elawyen immediately let go of my hand and smiled at me, suddenly the perfect little elven girl.
‘Certainly, my lady Priestess.’ She grinned and ran off to join her other sisters.
She wasn’t even that much younger then me, but still she acted like a little girl most of the time. I loved her spirit.

When I was all dressed and groomed and left the inn again, they were all just sitting there on a blanket. They were all smiling at me, al four of them as I approached them. I think I had never felt happier. We sat down together and ate our breakfast and then Elawyen asked me the question I still wish she didn’t ask me that day…
‘Eavie, will you go with me to the mainland?’
We could have all stayed on the island, nothing would have gone wrong… We would all still be together right now, travelling, no worries… But she -did- asked that question…. And we -did- go to the mainland…

She looked at me with those lovely eyes of hers, on a way only she could look. You couldn’t say no to her when she did that and I sighed.
‘Who else is coming?’ I asked whilst trying to ignore Elawyens shout of excitement. She already ran off to change into some proper clothes.
My other sisters all shook their heads.
‘We already had things planned Eavie, I’m sorry.’ Said Ryasha.
‘Yes!’ Lilyven said, ‘We are going to explore the ruins to the south.’ I could see how she was already looking forward to this, she couldn’t sit still and was making her cat, Rave, nervous.
I smiled forgivingly, although I felt a little worried we would only be with the two of us now. I would have felt safer if my sisters would have come along also.
I sighed again and rose to my feet.
‘Ryasha, you look after them, make sure nothing happens to them.’ Ryasha nodded, Lilyven put on a complaining face and said;
‘That is not fair Eavya! I am perfectly able to look after myself!’ I smiled again, Lily always had these comments.’ Nyrinde just sat there and said nothing, as usual.
‘Ryasha is the oldest as soon as Elly and I leave, so she is in charge, you better listen to her. You know mother would have said exactly the same.’ Lilyven just pouted and angrily looked away. She would forgive me over time, she always did.

Some moments later Elawyen and I stood on the pier, waiting for the boat to bring us to the mainland. We both were wearing nothing more then thin pants and a loose fitting shirt. We were actually kind of cold, but I knew the temperature on the mainland was a lot higher.
Elawyen couldn’t stop smiling. She was hopping up and down and couldn’t stop fidgeting with the cords of her shirt.
‘Why are you so exited to go there anyway? It’s not like it’s anything special Elly…’ I said to her.
‘We have never been here!’ she said to me and her smile grew bigger. ‘Mother wouldn’t let us off the isle, you know that.’
‘Of course she wouldn’t let us off the isle, it was far too dangerous. We were just kids the last time we were here. Even now we have to be careful.’
‘Of course we will be careful Eavie! You know me.’ She giggled.
‘Yes, that is what makes me worried.’ But I also had to smile.
A cold sea breeze passed us and I shivered. At that moment the boat arrived, the sails were flapping heavily in the wind. The wooden structure of the boat made cracking sounds as my sister and I entered the boat. We made ourselves comfortable inside the cabin, considering the temperature, and talked a bit.

‘Ladies!? We have arrived, please exit the ferry.’ The first mate yelled at us and we did as he said.
‘Isn’t it lovely?’ Elawyen said as she ran down the pier and did a little dance. She looked like a little bird, just freed from her cage. Her smile still hadn’t left her face. I followed her at a slower pace and tried to ignore the feeling in my gut.

I still wish I didn’t do that. We should have walked back on that pier and back on the ferry again. This feeling was warning me that day and I ignored it. The guilt still haunts me this day…

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[WOW][Story] Morninglight stories Empty Re: [WOW][Story] Morninglight stories

Post by Ryasha on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:43 am

On the mainland, I felt the humidity rising and I could feel little pearls of sweat already forming on my upper lip. I looked at Elawyen, she seemed not affected by the rising temperature. She was just walking there, with a spring in her step and a smile on her lips. I still remember how the rays of the sun shone down on her hair, making it sparkle. I felt no worries then anymore and fastened my pace to catch up with her.

As we came upon the road we had a little argument about which way to go. Elawyen insisted we would go further inland, while I rather would go more parallel to the coast and head for the Twin Colossals. Mother had told me once about these wonders of nature and I really wanted to check them out. How could I know that I would lead us to Elly’s doom…

I won the argument, I told Elawyen about the Colossals and she was willing to give in, curious as she was. We had to walk up more hills and again Elawyen got ahead of me.
‘Come on Eavie! You’re slow, you can do better then this!’ She yelled over her shoulder and showed me a big grin. And again she fastened her pace, challenging me to a race.
‘To that tree Eavie,’ and she pointed to a large tree in the far distance, surrounded by mist. ‘Who ever gets there first!’ And she spurted away. I had to smile a little, she knew me better then this. I wouldn’t waste my energy on a silly race. Still I fastened my pace as Elawyen went faster and further and I was loosing sight of her.

The little worrying feeling in my stomach was back as I rounded the hill I saw Elawyen last. Panting I stood on top of the hill and looked around. No sign of Elawyen… My worries increased and I started running towards the tree Elawyen had pointed out to be the end of the race. Maybe she had run a little bit further. By the time I arrived at the tree my worrying feeling had turned into panic as I still didn’t see a sign of my green haired sister. Franticly I looked around, no sign of her.
‘Elawyen?’ I asked in a squeaky voice… No response…
‘Elawyen?!’ I yelled then, my voice filled with panic. Where could she be? Why wasn’t she here? The silent forest didn’t give me an answer.

A breeze passed by me and made the leaves above my head whisper. I stopped my panicking shouts and tried to listen. There was something not right here. Then I heard it…
A giggle, real soft, like someone was trying to hold it back. The next moment there was an explosion of leaves and Elawyen dropped out of the tree. I was startled and shocked and tried to step back, slipped and landed uncharmingly on my behind. Elawyen started giggling, then laughing and the next moment she was with me on the forest floor. She couldn’t stop laughing. I was just sitting there, my eyes were still wide open, I noticed, and I tried to relax. Elawyen was fine… Nothing bad had happened to her. I should thank Elune but I was so mad at my sister right now! She had almost scared me to death, disappearing like that. I realized I was still holding my breath and emptied my lungs. I filled them immediately again and started yelling at Elawyen as I stood up.
‘Don’t ever do such a thing again! I was worried to death Elawyen!’ I intentionally used her whole name, knowing it will have his impact on her.
Elawyen stopped laughing, frowned and got up her feet also. She knew when I used her whole name I was truly mad at her.
‘It was just a joke Eavie, don’t be mad at me.’ She tried to make it up, again looking at me with those pleading eyes.
‘This is not the place to joke around Elly, you know that!’ I tried to keep hold of my anger, knowing I was right. I couldn’t resist her though, I just loved her to much.
Elawyen, happy that I used her pet name again, stepped up at me and hugged me. She was the only one that could do that to me without me freezing up. I gently patted her back. Elawyen reluctantly let go of me again and said;
‘I’m so sorry Eavie, I didn’t realize you would get worried so. I promise I won’t do it again… But you have to realize we don’t have to be scared and worried all the time. That will kill us someday.’
I sighed, there was truth in her words, but I couldn’t agree with her all the way.
‘You’re a little bit right there Elly, but we also have to be careful. These woods aren’t that safe anymore as they used to be, you have to realize that.’
Elawyen nodded. ‘I’ll try to be more careful Eavie, I promise.’ Her smile was back and I felt a little bit relieved, couldn’t help but smiling a little myself.
‘Come on, let’s head for those Colossals of yours.’ Elawyen said to me and took me gently by the arm. I smiled at her and nodded.
‘Yes please.’ I said as I plucked a leaf out of her messy hair. Elawyen giggled.

As soon as the Twin Colossals came into full sight we both stood still instantly. The view was amazing. The Colossals were truly a wonder of nature. They really stood out in the surrounding hills. Their rocky slopes were covered in green and surrounded by the jungle fog. A waterfall slammed down from all the way up the top spraying miniscule drops of water in the air and thus creating a vague rainbow. Little spots could be seen above the very top of the Colossals, soaring and diving, I figured they were birds.
At the base of the closest Colossal the waterfall had formed a small lake. The rays of the sun made the clear pond sparkle as if the water was created out of diamonds. I saw in Elawyens eyes the same sparkle as I looked at her and I smiled.
We shook off the charm this place had put on us and walked on, towards the pond underneath the waterfall. When we walked closely along the little lake I couldn’t help but feeling a little bit mischievous, I don’t know why, normally I wouldn’t be like that. Maybe it was just this place, this place made my heart feel lighter and made me less worried about any dangers that may be around.

I grinned, let go of Elawyen and gave her a little push. She lost her balance, put on a shocked and surprised face and tumbled backwards into the cold clear water. She disappeared for a second then came to the surface again, coughing and shaking the water out of her eyes.
‘Hey!’ she cried out as soon as she got her breath back again.
‘Why did you do that for?!’ but she was already smiling again.
I shrugged. ‘I had to get back at you.’ I said and grinned. Elawyen grinned back at me and then surprised me by splashing some water in my face, ran out of the pond a little and took my arm. She pulled me into the water and held me under, then let me go again. I took a deep breath and splashed water on her this time. We were both laughing like little children. I had been a long time since I felt that way…

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Post by Ryasha on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:44 am

Some time later we were both lying on our backs on a big rock beside the waterfall. The sun was shining straight above us and we were enjoying the warmth on our wet clothes. Little drops of water from the waterfall were still falling on us, but with the jungle heat that didn’t matter to us. We just both closed our eyes and enjoyed the feeling. The roaring sound of the waterfall right beside our ears was actually quite soothing and I think I fell asleep there and then. How stupid of me to let my guard down like that!

A terrifying scream woke me up!
I was up and awake within seconds and looked around where it was coming from. The scream sounded again and this time I realized who was screaming like that… It was Elawyen! I looked towards the direction of the sound above my head. Elawyen apparently had woken up and climbed to a rock above this one. When I looked up I couldn’t believe my eyes. Horde! Three filthy orcs and a troll were standing there, their backs turned towards me. The wind carried their smell towards me and made me gag. They smelled like rotten leafs and dead animals. They didn’t notice me standing there but I was afraid for the one that had their attention. My sister was up there, surrounded by Horde…
I heard her scream again, suddenly cut of by the sound of something hitting flesh and a sickening cracking sound reached my ears. I was frozen stiff by fear, horror and disgust. I had to do something, but my body wouldn’t listen to me. Then I made a mistake…
Since my body wouldn’t listen, I screamed… I screamed from the top of my lungs…
‘Elly!!!’ I felt tears running down my cheeks.
On of the orcs immediately turned his focus on me. I saw his scar covered face with big ugly yellow tusks poking out of his mouth and could only blink… He grinned at me and jumped down. He landed right in front of me, causing a little tremor in the rock beneath me, and all I could do was just stand there. The smell was overwhelming now and I shivered, the only movement I seemed to be able to do… I looked almost in amazement as he raised his in dirt and sweat covered arms and then swung his enormous mace towards me. I could actually see the blood and little green hairs still sticking to it as it hit me in my side… I stared in amazement at the orc as I fell down the rock towards the water of the lake. He just grinned and turned away again.
I fell into the water, my head struck a hidden rock beneath the surface, and I let the dark embrace of unconsciousness come over me. My last thoughts were for my sister… Elawyen…

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[WOW][Story] Morninglight stories Empty Re: [WOW][Story] Morninglight stories

Post by Elloa on Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:35 pm

[Wow !! This very well writed. I enjoyed to read it ...a lot ! ]

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Post by Naiaria on Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:41 am

As did I, a good story and a sad one.

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[WOW][Story] Morninglight stories Empty Re: [WOW][Story] Morninglight stories

Post by Ryasha on Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:57 pm

Thanks all ^^

It has a continueing:

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Post by Ryasha on Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:58 pm

A sister… Epilogue

Calm waves gently brushed the wooden peer at the Feathermoon Stronghold. The last golden rays of the setting sun shone upon the calmly waters around the isle. The young nightelf sitting at the peer sighed. The wind gently played with her short cut hair and carried her sigh away.
Lilyven looked down at her beloved pet, which lay beside her. Rave seemed to be sleeping very deeply, his ears twitching and his paws slightly moving as if he was chasing something. Lilyven smiled a little and let her hand go trough the rough fur of the great cat. Rave just kept on dreaming.
Lilyven looked out over the water again, just in time to see the ferry arriving. Lilyven rushed to her feet, Rave was instantly awake and looked searchingly at his master. Lilyven had her eyes fixated on the arriving boat. She yelled.
The first mate looked down upon the young elf and slowly shook his head.
‘I’m sorry… No sign of them.’
Lilyven froze… Another boat came and went without her sisters… Lilyven looked at the sun… which had now gone behind the horizon, setting the sky on flames, a sight she usually loved but couldn’t enjoy now. Rave seemed to feel her mood and rubbed his head against her leg, absentminded Lilyven put her hand on his head and dug her fingers in deep in his fur. Again Lilyven stared at the horizon to the direction of where the mainland was supposed to be. Why didn’t they return yet? The question repeated itself over and over again in her head. Why…

Lilyven sighed again and turned towards the isle. She had to tell Ryasha and Nyrinde, who were having dinner in the inn. They didn’t worry that much, but Lilyven just had a feeling in her guts she couldn’t ignore… And when Eavya and Elawyen hadn’t return when the sun began to decent, Lilyven really got worried.
Her steps were swiftly, as usual and Rave had no trouble keeping up with her. Silently Lilyven slipped into the inn and found her sisters sitting on a bed, talking, no sign of worries there… Lilyven frowned at the sight of her two sisters, sometimes she thought that she couldn’t be related to her, they were just so different…
Finally they noticed their little sister and just looked at her, questioning.
‘Nothing… They were not on the boat.’
‘They will come Lily, don’t worry.’ Ryasha tried to sound reassuring, but her voice was filled with doubt. Nyrinde just stared at her but her features suddenly softened. She stood up, looking tall and cold, but so beautiful.
‘We’ll go look for them.’ She said with her soft, low voice.
Lilyven nodded silently. Nyrinde almost never talked, but when she said something you just had to listen… and comply. Ryasha just looked from one sister to the other, indecisive as always.
‘We can’t go… It’s dangerous out there!’ Ryasha cried out.
Nyrinde ignored her sister and walked out of the room, not making any kind of sound. Lilyven still wondered how she did that, she always seemed to walk on air. But unlike Ryasha she didn’t protest and quickly followed her sister.

A few moments later three young female nightelfs and a big black cat entered the ferry to the mainland. Lilyven and Nyrinde stood on the deck, watching the mainland come closer and closer. There would lie their answer to the question of what happened to their sisters... Ryasha leaned against the railing and looked sick and scared.
As soon as the boat reached the pier at the mainland Ryasha jumped off, ran down the wooden structure and fell to her knees on the forest floor. Lilyven and Nyrinde ignored Ryasha’s dramatic actions and walked passed her.
‘Track them.’ Said Nyrinde, not even looking at Lilyven, she just fixated her look to somewhere in the distance. Lilyven nodded, this was her element.

Three pair of feet ran down the road in the silent jungle of Feralas. In front of their group a big cat was to be seen, fixating on a point in front of them. Rave started growling more and more as they moved closer and closer to the Twin Colossals. Lilyven didn’t like the sound her pet made, it usually was a sign of danger when he did that. Next to her Nyrinde ran, silently, not showing any emotions. Behind her, Ryasha, panting, was struggling to keep up with her sisters pace. Lilyven told here to leave her armour behind, she stubbornly wore it anyway, saying that it was dangerous to go unprotected. Lilyven just shook her head at her sister and watched Rave’s moves again.
The big cat came to a sudden halt at a little pond at the base at one of the Colossals and growled menacingly. The three sisters following Rave stood still instantly, looking around worried. There was nothing to see but birds and wildlife, nothing odd to hear either. Then Rave made a sound Lilyven had never heard her cat make, Rave meowed… A soft tiny sound, like a kitten. He slowly walked onwards and stopped again at the edge of the water.

There they found their oldest sister, sitting in the water, staring. One side of her once beautiful white hair was covered in blood, still dripping from an awful wound on her temple. Her eyes lacked any expression and her face seemed even paler then it used to be. Elawyen was nowhere to be seen.
Lilyven got a lump in her throat, fell down on her knees besides her sister and took her hand. She ignored Rave, who was still making little kitten noises.
‘Eavie.’ Lilyven whispered, she got no response. Eavya just stared off in to the distance. Lilyven noticed a terrible bruise on Eavya’s waist, at the place where her shirt had been torn. Scared, she asked Eavya what had happened to her, and to Elawyen.
At the sound of Elawyen’s name Eavya shivered and looked at her little sister. Lilyven froze at that gaze, which was like Eavya was just looking like through her as if no one was even there! A soft sound and Ryasha sat down next to her.
‘She’s in shock Lily, I’ve seen this before. She’s in shock and suffering from hypothermia. We have to get her back to the isle soon!’
Lilyven just looked at Eavya, how could this happen? What had happened, and most of all, where was Elawyen?
‘Lilyven!’ a shout from above their heads, Nyrinde.
‘You go, I’ll stay with her.’ Ryasha said and Lilyven climbed up the rock where Nyrinde was standing. A horrible awareness crept upon Lilyven as she saw the huge bloodstain and the torn piece of cloth, lying at Nyrinde’s feet. Nyrinde already looked around, trying to find more clues to what had happened this dreadful afternoon. Lilyven hesitated but then picked up the bloodstained piece of cloth… This was not the same color as the shirt Eavya was wearing. Lilyven’s stomach tied itself to a knot as she looked down upon her wounded sister. This was not good.
It was getting darker and colder and Nyrinde made a decision.
‘We’re leaving.’
Lilyven looked at her, shocked.
‘We can’t go! We haven’t found Elawyen yet!’
‘Elawyen isn’t here anymore, and we have to take care of Eavya now, she is hurt badly. I don’t want to loose her either!’ For the first time in her life, Lilyven heard her normally calm sister raise her voice and she immediately swallowed any more protests she had left. She nodded. Nyrinde was right of course. Though not deadly wounded, Eavya could still die from hypothermia… She would have to be taken care of right now, there was no time to rush trough the forest to find their lost sister.

As soon as they re-entered the Stronghold they informed the sentinels about their missing sister, then rushed Eavya into the inn and called for a healer.
A noble blue haired priestess of Elune arrived shortly and asked them to leave the room. When they were invited back in, the pale look on Eavya’s face was gone, along with the wound on her head and her waist. She was also in a very deep sleep.
‘She had some severe trauma’s girls, it’s going to be a long road to recovery for your sister.’ Al three of them silently nodded. The priestess bowed gracefully and left the sisters to themselves.

The sentinels from the Feathermoon Stronghold ventured out into Feralas, looking for the lost young woman Elawyen Morninglight. Her youngest sister Lilyven joined them. They started out on the place where the initial attack took place, followed a trail of blood and broken branches that led them all the way to the end of the forest. There they found a body. Heavily beaten up and unrecognizable, her face had taken a severe beating, her long green hair drenched in blood. The only whole part about the body were her clothes. It was a horrible sight.
Lilyven watched with a sadness that she couldn’t express. It was like all her tears were stuck in her throat and she couldn’t speak. She nodded silently as a sentinel with a friendly looking face handed her a strand of green hair, free of blood. Behind the women the others gently wrapped the body in blankets for the return to the Stronghold.
‘Are you coming?’ one of the sentinels asked as they were making preparations for their return. Lilyven looked at the strand of hair in her hand and then at the body, wrapped in blankets, on an improvised stretcher between two sentinels. Then she looked out onto the lands called the Thousand Needles…
‘I’ll be right with you.’ She whispered and the sentinel who asked the question nodded, leaving the young huntress with her grieve.
A moment later they heard Lilyven shout;
‘Tell my family I left for Tanaris! Tell them not to worry!’
Before any of the woman in the group of sentinels could say anything, the young Lilyven had taken off, running like the wind onto the dry flats of the Thousand Needles, her beautiful black cat right on her heels.
The sad faces of the sentinels returning from the boat said enough to Nyrinde. She turned and walked into the inn again. Eavya was sitting on a bench, Ryasha sat next to her, holding the cold and almost lifeless hand of her sister. Nyrinde was worried about Eavya, she had not eaten anything since the event and even drinking seemed to cost her to much effort. Her oldest sister looked pale and she had gotten very thin the last few days.
Her normally full lips were now pressed together and formed a thin line. Her cheekbones had became very prominent and her hair had lost its shine.
Mother wouldn’t even recognize her anymore, Nyrinde thought.
Eavya never made a sound as they carried the body inside the inn, she just looked at it and didn’t respond to any of the condolences. Nyrinde shook her head, this was not good.
‘Miss?’ a sentinel stood in front of her.
‘Hm?’ Nyrinde focused her attention away from Eavya to the woman.
‘Your sister… Lilyven… She, uhm… She left for Tanaris, she told us to tell you not to worry.’ Nyrinde looked at the woman with a cold gaze, inside angry at her that she had let that ignorant little child go off alone. Then she sighed, so Lily was gone too… This family was falling apart…

The ceremony was short. Everybody’s mood was displayed with the poring rain. Eavya stood all night at her sisters grave. Nyrinde looked at her from her dry place at the inn. She felt a sadness growing inside her heart. She had lost three sisters on this damn island… They had to leave.

After a long and weary journey the three sisters returned to Darnassus. Eavya immediately left for the Temple. Nyrinde and Ryasha looked at her as she walked off, Eavya still walked proud but her sisters knew she was falling apart.
Nyrinde was appointed with the terrible task of telling their mother the dreadful news. Laurna Morninglight was devastated, but she was a strong woman who had seen a lot of terrible things before and Nyrinde was sure she would recover. They stayed at their mothers for a while to make sure she would.

One month later a young novice of Elune stood in front of their door. She had a bewildered look upon her lovely face and looked very nervous.
‘Miss Morninglight?’ she asked with a trembling voice.
‘Your daughter is not doing well, she has barely eaten a thing since she joined us in Temple… The other priestesses are afraid she will starve herself to death.’ The little girl whispered.
Nyrinde saw her mother leaving with the novice and sighed. She was afraid this day would come, she wondered if their mother would be able to change Eavya’s point of view. Laurna had alienated herself from her daughters the past few years…

‘We’re loosing her.’ Their mother said to them as she came home.
‘She looks like a ghost and just smiles to everything I say to her. Nothing I tell her will make her eat again…’ She had a desperate look on her face as she turned to Nyrinde.
‘I can’t save her…’
Nyrinde sighed and shook her head. You have brought this upon yourself, mother, she thought and motioned Ryasha.
‘Come Ryasha, it’s time we talk some sense into this silly sister of ours.’
Ryasha gasped at her.
‘But mother just said…’
‘It doesn’t matter what mother said… She might listen to us, we’re closer to her.’ She looked at her mother saying this. She saw how Laurna started to cry and how she ran upstairs. Nyrinde couldn’t care less, she’d be fine. Nyrinde stepped outside, made her way to Darnassus. Ryasha hurried to catch up with her.

Nyrinde ignored the protests of the Novices and walked straight up to Eavya. Her sister sat on a bench at the moonwell, smiling peacefully.
Mother was right, Nyrinde thought, she does look like a ghost. Nyrinde started to loose her grip on her calmness, panic threatened to take over her. They might be already to late!
She rushed over to Eavya and took her hands in her own. Nyrinde was seized with fear as she felt those brittle hands… This was not good. Eavya just smiled at her sister, looking at her with an empty look. Nyrinde looked over her shoulder, Ryasha was still standing at the Temple entrance… Great help, Nyrinde thought.
‘Hello dear sister.’ Eavya’s voice was no more then a whisper, dry as an autumn leaf.
Nyrinde felt how tears started running down her cheek and felt a little bit surprised by her own feelings. She didn’t cry at Elawyen’s funeral…
‘Eavie…’ For the first time in her life she used that name.
‘Eavie… Look at yourself.’
‘I feel fine, sweet sister.’ Again that empty smile.
Nyrinde shook her head, wiped her sleeve across her eyes and stood up.
‘Damn you Eavie! Look at yourself.’ She turned her sadness into anger towards Eavya and felt relieved. She helped her sister get off the bench and dragged her, as gently as she could, to the shimmering moonwell.
Again she yelled at her sister:
‘Look at yourself!’ She finally saw some emotion in Eavya’s eyes as the reflection of her own face hit her. Eavya had never been vain, but she did know how to take care of herself.
‘You see that? Eavie? You see what you have created?’
Eavya turned her head. Nyrinde grabbed her chin and made her look again. She felt tears on Eavya’s face.
‘Look… This is what you have become…’
‘No…’ Eavya said and tried to look away again. Nyrinde didn’t gave her the opportunity. She whispered in Eavya’s ear;
‘Do you think Elly would have wished you to become like this? Wasn’t she the one always proud of her beautiful sister? Is this how you honor her memory?’
Eavya sobbed and looked at her sister.
Nyrinde finally saw what she wanted to see in Eavya’s eyes. Pain, terrible pain, but far away also the will to survive, to live on… And she let go of her sister.
Eavya sighed, fell to the floor and cried, she finally cried…

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