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[WOW] [Story] A normal day in Whitestar Office

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[WOW] [Story] A normal day in Whitestar Office Empty [WOW] [Story] A normal day in Whitestar Office

Post by Elloa on Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:24 pm

A normal day in the Whitestar Office… In the streets of Stormwind, the yell of the childrens competed with the seaguls hunting the arrival of a new shippement of fishes – the King like fish, almost as much as cider, everyone know that. The Winter was almost over and the ladies had abandoned their heavy cloak at home. The city was filled with a noisy life.

In the little habitation Whitestar Magazine was renting, it was a buzy day aswell. Arbooz Boilingstone, extremly focused, blinked his eyes above some flask boiling on a medium flamme. Was it a new chimical experiment, a remedy or a kind of brew, no one knew, and no one will ever know. Carefully, the dwarf added some red elexir, drop by drop. He was counting, liking his dry lips with his tongue. One, two, three… Sweat poured along his rond joyful face and got lost in his beard. Four, five…

Upstairs, Humilitas tried to write his first article. He had recently be hired by Alakina Aisling, but he only saw his boss very few time, and felt a bit lost in front of his white page. What kind of style should he use ? Must his tone be direct, or more neutral ? Alakina didn’t precised anything. Giving up for a moment, the worgen rose his eyes to the roof, contemplating the natural drawing of the wood. On the desk, few articles for the next issue were gathered. All written by Elloa. With a malicious smirk, Humilitas though about his collegue Kierrann, wandering somwhere in the Azurmist Island searching for Arulan Davenport found injuried by some local anchorite. Kierrann would certainly be unable to finish his own article before him. His honnour was safe, and his boss would not reproach him a small delay while two others reporters were missing, their job unfinished ! As he was laughing to himself, his strong sense of smell spotted an unknown odour.

- Hey Arbooz ! You forgot something on the fire ! yelled Humilitas to the dwarf
- No no… Don’t worry, I’ve everything right ! Just…do not ever interupt an alchemist working ! EVER !

Frowning, Arbooz continued his mixture, slightly annoyed by the worgen disturbance. He was handling a difficult experience. More distraction and he could have lost the count of his drop. Five, Six, Seven … Wait...

Elloa was riding her motorbike, heading to the office. She had missed the boat…once more. She still had some difficulties to get used to the fact human boats weren’t waiting that all their passengers was on board before to leave the harbour. She crossed the Cathedral square in a furious noise of engine. She hoped that Kierrann would not be worried to not see her arriving at Darnassus the planed evening. They were supposed to inquiere about Arulan together.
As she was approaching the office, something terrible and unexpected happened. With a sudden violence, she went knocked back by a giant ball of fire. The noise of the explosion stunned her more than the shock of her fall. Dizzy, lightly injuried, disoriented, Elloa rose with difficulties. A heavy cloud of smoke and dust covered the place. Deaf, and almost blind, she walked carefully in the direction of the office, heart beating faster. Paper were flying everywhere, like butterflies carried by the wind. She chased away one leaf sticking on the blood droping from her arm. She recognised her own hand writting ! She suddendly understood and ran as fast as she could, yelling the name of her collegues.

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