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[Archives] Profiles of non played characters

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[Archives] Profiles of non played characters Empty [Archives] Profiles of non played characters


Name: Eledoza Whitestar, Starlight of <Whitestar>

Age: 202 (teenager, like 14, 16 for human standart)

Height: 1m95

Weight: 72

Body Type: Thin and gracefull.

Face Type: Exact copy of her twin sister Elenoza, the difference is mainly in a more cheerfull expression. Her red lips are often offering a soft smile.

Complexion: Soft blue

Eyes: Silverblue eyes. Soft and kind glance.

Hair: Long blue hair arranged in two braids. Soft as silk.

Clothing Style: She like to wear same clothes than her sister, it’s a way to increase their likness and show the strong brotherhood wich rely them.

Speaking Style: She have a soft, beautiful voice. She speak carefully, cheerfully. She is a very amazing singer, but she don’t make a pride about it.

General Demeanor: She is calm, sweet, carefull, cheerfull, a little bit shy. She care about others hapiness and health. She can spread out arround her a quiet joy, though at some point she can also lose herself in melancholy.
Because of her education, she is uncomfortable and extremely shy in the presence of Kaldorei males. She stay carefull with other males, but do not feel the same embarassement.

Career: Eager to travel and see new places and experience people, Eledeza is always on the move. She is a real adventurer, but also a true priest that keeps the true values of Elune close at heart and try to offer her help to those in the need.

Prejudices: Pacifist in soul, she dislikes violence, uncare and selfishness. For that reason she often rise an eyebrow seeing the inconsequent behaviour of humans.

Best Qualities: She loves living beeing, she have a good heart and a pure soul. She is generous and carefull. She is also curious and thirsty of knowledge.

Worst Qualities: She is naïve and can have prejudice on some persons, in particular female humans

Weakness: She have a fragil health and she doesn’t pay attention to it, forcing her sister to worry for her.

Hobbies: She enjoy singing, particulary in the middle of the forest, or in a open shore, facing the sea,

Talents: Her sweet voice made her an excellent singer. She also have the grace of a real dancer. She enjoy painting, reading and writing. She have something of an artist.
She is also a devoted and talented priestess.

Sybilings : Elenoza Whitestar, twin sister


Name: Elenoza Whitestar

Age: 202

Height: 196cm

Weight: 74kg

Body Type: Fairly slender, but not frail

Face Type: Defined and sharp, notably the cheek bones, chin and nose. A little stern-looking.

Complexion: Fair, a hint of blue.

Eyes: Brightly blue, soft eyes. Gentle-looking, in slight contrast with the rest of her face.

Hair: Blue, with a very slight touch of grey. Two tight braids over each shoulder, very "controlled".

Clothing Style: Prefers a clean, pure dress, if the occation allows it. Prefers it simple, but beautiful - not necessarily practical.

Speaking Style: Not too revealing, a little short and to the point. There's sarcasm there - but also friendliness for those who deserves it.

General Demeanor: Controlled, serious and proper. Will definately not be seen leaning against a wall. Might be mistaken for cold - but are really just reserved.

Career: Reluctant adventurer, mainly on the road to be with her twin sister.

Prejudices: As the typical Kaldorei, she is not too fond of other races. Sees the necessity of the Alliance, and has learned to accept foreigners in her homeland. Can occasionally be a bit racist when it comes to humans.
Best Qualities: Effective, to the point, will not waste time on trivialities. Even though her demeanor might suggest otherwise, she cares very deeply about all life, and loves it.

Worst Qualities: Not very patient, might lose her temper in a bad situation. Handles stress poorly.
Weakness: Physical confrontation. She never trained in the martial arts or even in any notable physical way, so relies heavily on other / outside protection when it comes to brute force.

Hobbies: Enjoys cooking and preparing food, not necessarily eating it. Usually applies the same standard to her cooking as to her other work - things are to be done properly


Name: Nyti Emberglow

Age: 38

Height: 94 cm

Weight: 18 kg

Body Type: An averagely sized gnome, with no outstanding bodily features.

Face Type: A round face, but not puffy. She has a small mouth, and a white, spotless smile.

Complexion: Fair, but somewhat pale from her studies indoors.

Eyes: She has large, blue eyes which are always wide open with an inquisitive look.

Hair: She has fair hair to the point of almost white. She keeps her hair in a ponytail for practical reasons, not really caring for it's appearance.

Clothing Style: Nyti is not very attentive to her appearance. She doesn't even remember where and how she got her casual clothes, simply donning whatever is closest when she gets up in the morning. In combat she wears cloth adornments much more in line with her dark magic, than with her personality. She does not realize how grim she looks when battle-ready.

Speaking Style: She speaks a lot. She speaks fast and with a high-pitched voice, always sounding excited. It's easy to hear that her mouth simply blabbers exactly what she thinks at the moment, she speaks alound instead of thinking it quietly.

General Demeanor: Full of energy, always examining something, poking something, looking at something new. She is a little bit like a young dog pup, always sniffing and rummaging about. She has no "slow"-mode, she is either fully awake or asleep.

Career: As some people quickly tire of her because of her non-stop action, she has been through a dozen starting careers and jobs. In the end, she found a man of Stormwind, shunned from society for his dark magics. This man saw the potential to twist the innocent Nyti into a dark servant - but he failed to account for her friendly demeanor and good spirit. After some weeks of teaching her the infernal incantations of a Warlock, he eventually gave up to twist her (she just thought it was all good natured play anyway). She is now a warlock of almost full potential, but does not realize herself the twisted nature of the magic she commands. Her personality is as far away from a Warlock as could possibly be - but she still commands her demonic "friends" with efficiency and talent.

Prejudices: None whatsoever.

Best Qualities: There is nothing bad in Nyti's heart and soul. She sees the world as a good place, and has no twisted backside to her personality.

Worst Qualities: Since she only sees the world as a good and friendly place, she does not always realize the outcome of her own and others actions. She is also extremely naive, to say the least.

Weakness: Is very, very easily fooled.

Hobbies: Finding friends! Nyti sees a potential friend in everyone and everything, finding new companions in almost every animal she meets.

Talents: Commands the dark arts of demonics with surprising talent. Also, oddly enough, she has some sort of connection with many animals, possibly because of her very friendly and inquisitive nature. In no way the same connection as a druid would have - but more than "normal" for a gnome.

Relatives : Tintam, a cousin.

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[Archives] Profiles of non played characters :: Comments


Post Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:12 pm by Elloa

Name: Tintam Spindlefirework, member of the Starcouncil of <Whitestar>

Age: 46 (young adult)

Height: 89 cm

Weight: 15 kg

Body Type: She is tiny, even for a gnome but not skinny

Face Type: She has an oval face, with plump checks.

Complexion: She is tanned

Eyes: She has blue-greenish eyes, soft and well drawn, with short dark eyelashes. She have a fierce glance that she can make look terrible sometimes.

Hair: She has very long, red, ruffed hair, accommodated in a ponytail. She don’t really take care of her appearance

Clothing Style: When she fight, what’s her principal activity, she wear a mismatched collection of useful plate armour. When she favours protection, she wear a set crafted by Zahrael the paladin, a shield and a mace or a sword, when she favours action and efficiency, she wear two axes sized for human.
When she is relaxing in town, she invariably wear her favourite red lumberjack shirt and a red pant.

Speaking Style: She speak fast, a lot, and say a large amount of foolishness. She also often try to look smart or important, particularly in the presence of her cousins.

General Demeanor: She is full of vitality. Her mood is changing fast but is generally good. She express easily her emotion and what she thinks. Admire courage and heroism. Tempt to be proud, naively arrogant and easily offended.

Career: She is more a kind of mercenary. Sell also everything she found on her way. Is not really interested by money.

Prejudices: depend of her mood

Best Qualities: She has a good heart and dreams of being a hero.

Worst Qualities: She is proud, arrogant, thoughless, gourmand, over reacting.

Weakness: She can be really thoughless …

Hobbies: She kills rabbit. She love action, any kind of action…

Talents: She is good at fighting

Sybilling : Nyti (cousin from mother side) and Bitsie (cousin from father side)

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