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[Minecraft] Skin edit

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[Minecraft] Skin edit Empty [Minecraft] Skin edit

Post by Elloa on Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:20 am


To change your skin it's very easy.

1. Create your own Skin
Download the Skinedit program. You have more explanations on this page.
once you have understood how it's working it's quite easy. You can create what you want!

2. If you don't want create a skin yourself
Go on the Skindex and search for something you would like.
There is a search button. You can for example search for "Elloa" and see the skins I've created.

Then, you go on your minecraft profile page and you download there the skin you have created or choosen. It's very easy!

This is a Skin I've made for Geir!! This is how I remember you!! Smile
Download here

And this is Fredrik !!
Download here

And thats my Innkeeper Elloa

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