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Skyrim fury!

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Skyrim fury! Empty Skyrim fury!

Skyrim fury! Skyrim11

Have you wondered why the whitestar community is more quite lately? Why we are writting less Star Wars post, why there is no more screenshots of our constructions in our Minecraft, and why the usual chit chat is so silent? Even Battlefield III is deserted.

We are all, or atleast most of us playing Skyrim! And the world have stopped to spin. Despise the fact that Skyrim is a solo game, I still feel ourselves connected. We are keeping contact with each other on our skype chat, we share our progression, we give tips, we explain our experiences, what quest we do like etc..while trying to not spoil the adventure for anyone else. The game is that vast, and deep, that all our adventures are differents. It will take time to do everything!

Acharial is a high elf mage. Apparently focusing on mage quests, and mage studies. Geir is a Nord warrior of some kind, joining the Stormcloak and fighting for its land. Majiin is a female warrior, not sure what he is doing with her, but I think he finished the main story and possess an expensive house. Bongo is a Kajiit assasin, who backstab and one shot ennemies in the back. He is hunting all Lych of the game to gather their mask. Amu is a Argonian mage and I'm a Nord barbarian, hunting in the wild. I've also decided to join the Stormcloak. AOD, Athimari, Earwyn and Yima are also playing.

One week or two, and we should slowly go back to normal activities, while still keeping a foot in Skyrim. I don't think you can fisnih the game that fast!

You can read my Skyrim first impressions here, on Skyrim fury! 1719136172

Skyrim fury! 2011-121


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