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Our week end in the beta - Watch our videos!

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Our week end in the beta - Watch our videos! Empty Our week end in the beta - Watch our videos!

Our week end in the beta - Watch our videos! Screen27

We had been insomniac for three days, eating only frozen food, ignoring the phone calls and the door bell, drinking cofee to keep going, braving thunderstorm for some, avoiding family duties for others...But we were there, for this historical moment of the MMO history! And we had great fun!

Amuatama: Most epic Beta eva cant wait to be an inqui again
Loden : Like a box of chocolate. Varied, but mostly good!
Acharial: Mindblowing beta, Bioware was succesfull in yet another masterpiece!
Aliny : The little I got to play made me more sure that I will like this game alot. It works fine on my computer and it's tons of fun.
SirOwe: Great fun, great game, felt importnat to be a part of creating a game, nice essays and stresstesting, I really enyojed it
Elloa : I feel like I've been traveling the whole week end.

Enjoy our videos!

Majiin streaming compilation

Whitestar in Esseless, part I & part II

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Our week end in the beta - Watch our videos! :: Comments


Post Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:27 am by Acharial

Nice sum up! 14 days left (huehue)

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Post Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:33 am by Elloa

Updated with the two videos : Whitestar, The Esselles with Geir, Majiin, Sidori and I! Smile

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