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Tera politics - first ideas

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Tera politics - first ideas Empty Tera politics - first ideas

Post by Elloa on Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:00 pm

Whitestar want to be part of the political system. However we know that this will be rather challenging considering our numbers. Following the small guild meeting we had on Ventrilo, I'll gather our conclusions, but the discussion only started, so please, do not hesitate to share your opinions and ideas.

How to be elected:

1. We need to focus on strenghts, rather than trying to balance our weakness. Our strenghts are : our ideas, our motivation, our passion, our honnesty (no asslicking), and our cozy-friendly attitude.

2. Friendly and helpfull. If we behave in a friendly and helfull way, in game, on forums or on the general chat, we will participate to build a good reputation for our guild. Be carefull to make the difference between beeing nice and helpful and beeing asslicking. No Whitestar will be ever asked to be "asslicking". Try to be polite in adversity, but do not hesitate to be frank.

3. Organisation of events. Whitestar will want to be very active and have a "leading" role on that matter for our community. We can organise once in a while a BIG event that will requiere some thoughts and preparations. Or regular smallest events (such as a simple deathmatches evening)

4. Newspaper. The Newspaper is our big project and main arguement.

5. Media promotion. The first project will be a Guild Video realised along the first month. The video will promote our guild activities and members (each member will be present in the video with their name), and show who we are. Music choosen need to be awesome!

What to do once elected.

We have not discussed much about this, because we are missing some informations. Some ideas had been shared, such as : remove the PVP in a low lvl zone to organise a big event without beeing Pked along. Lower taxes and open shops to help players, etc...

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Tera politics - first ideas Empty Re: Tera politics - first ideas

Post by Luivatra on Thu May 03, 2012 9:17 am

Although I think being active on forums is important I think being helpfull in game is most important as most players dont read forums that much.

Also taking randoms into our parties will help them get to know us.

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Tera politics - first ideas Empty Re: Tera politics - first ideas

Post by Chakra on Thu May 03, 2012 5:43 pm

TBH I'm not all too sure about politics in games. In my experience politics have a tendency to get ugly after a while and all too often '…the nice guy comes in last'. Then again I also love a great new challenge, so I'm game if we are going for this Wink

I think voters will either
1. vote for their own guild, if they are running for office
2. vote for a guild that they have at least heard of and has a positive ring to it
3. don’t vote at all

As we can really only influence the second group of voters, I think the most important thing we need to achieve is to make 'Whitestar' a household name on our server. Any (good) publicity will help us here.

Organizing regular events will definitely do the job, as people want to be entertained (that's why they're in this game in the first place). So we may want to put some effort in organising fun events under our own brand name, like “Whitestar Events is proud to present another ….” cheers

Also our newspaper will help us in grabbing more attention. For maximum name dropping we may even consider to call our newspaper "The Whitestar" or something similar. Again anything just to get "Whitestar" between everyone's ears Wink

We may also want to align with other guilds that are not running for office themselves, and make them vote for us.

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Tera politics - first ideas Empty Re: Tera politics - first ideas

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