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Warlord guild event in Celstial Hill - ask us for help

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Warlord guild event in Celstial Hill - ask us for help Empty Warlord guild event in Celstial Hill - ask us for help

Post by Elloa on Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:54 pm

Well, hello!

First of all, congratulations about the newspaper you created. It really contributes to making our server and our game a better one ^.^
If you ever need any help, ask away! I mean, I guess some say that and never do but I am honestly willing.

Anyway, I had in mind an event of some kind, and I thought it could be nice to plan it with you, and maybe the Whitestar guild, since it would probably even take place in their/your province.
I don't ask you because I need advertising, but more because I need people to help me organize this and you seem to be the kind of people who like to do so. Plus, the perfect location would be on Arcadia, and I would need high levels' help anyway. I mean, higher than me at least.

So, sorry I talk too much, let me introduce this event's idea then :

TERA's first PVPVE tournament

In Celestial hills, among the kumas, people would fight, in teams deathmatches.

The requirements :
- 3-Man team
- Minimum level is 22
- Maximum level is 25
- Maximum level of the 3 members combined is 69. That means you can have a lvl 22-lvl 22-lvl 25 team, or a lvl 23-lvl 23-lvl 23, but no lvl 25-lvl 25-lvl 25.
- Participation fee is 3g per team

The tournament :
First phase : according to the number of teams, deathmatches would be occurring in a pool system. Winners of the pool matches would get 1g per win from the other team. Teams who lost 3 deathmatches would be disqualified, but still, they would have played 3 times at least.

Second phase : the tournament would be in matches with direct elimination or a 3 matches set (pick one). An option, for the people managing the event, would be to give the lvl 22 BoL blue weapon to everybody who gets to this point for more fairness. The winning team takes 3g from the loser plus the loot from the monsters (check "The Matches" for more details).
The winning team of the final round would get a special prize to be discussed (probably a big pile of gold)

The matches :
Here is how it would differ from other tournaments. It is a PVPVE in a BAM area, so let's take advantage of it. Every match is 3 vs 3 with a referee watching. You have to fight the other team AND a/some BAM at the same time.
Here is how a fight would go :
- One or both of the teams aggro one/some BAM
- The fight starts between the teams
- A team wins the other team gets defeated, either by the BAM or by the other team.
- The referee kills the BAM if needed, and the winning team gets the loot.

Running away is disqualification of the running person.
An interesting option, according to how it goes, would be to get more than one BAM for the last rounds of the tournament.

Anyway, that's just a little something I thought. At first, I wanted to do this kind of event to advertise for my guild and for the type of things we could organize as Vanarch in the future, but I just thought it would be nice to suggest it to you, the guy in charge of Samael News, maybe to promote the paper too, and then maybe even to your guild, if interested.

I'm looking forward to your answer,

PS : Sorry if I did not explain myself correctly, english is not my native language and I tend to explain things for hours so that I am sure people understand... even though many just end up getting lost -_-

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Warlord guild event in Celstial Hill - ask us for help Empty Re: Warlord guild event in Celstial Hill - ask us for help

Post by A.O.D on Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:23 pm

Well dont see any problem apart from the "combined level score" which might be hard to accomplish.

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