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Post by Elloa on Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:54 am

Those third elections are a lot more interesting than the second ones, as we find again some competition and a lot of new guilds that will attempt vanarchip for the first time. If you weren't happy with the previous Vanarchs, and have not voted yet, it's the right time to show your support to some fresh "blood".

Insane, Big Eyes Small Mouth, Olympus Exiles, Silverwing Sentinels, Warlords and Converge are competiting for Arun.
Darkness, Divine, Force, Divium Furor, Exodus, Plan B, Harbingers, Avengers are competiting for Northern Shara
White Lotus, Vikings of Midgard, Pain, Lionheart, Technical Support, Phoenix Teras, Almost Awesome, Doom are competiting for Southern Shara

No big political campain had been attempted on the forum. No promotional video, no presentation threads for most of guilds. How those new guilds are planning to be known? The in game presentation is somewhat limited and sometimes the arguments are a bit akward. Like Zakaria, leader of <Silverwing Sentinels>, announcing "I promise I will try to keep the shops open 24/7 and low taxes, also we are a new guild and most importantly I'm a girl"
What matter for the players? How a guild is making an impact and influence the choice of the electors? Samael News have made a small survey. The answers are enlighting....

Breini, aman slayer from <Tranquility> : I voted for <Pain>, <Harbringer> and <Insane>, cause a guildie said they had open stores and low taxes, exept Pain, I just picked them and I hope to do something good.

Sjokk, human berserker from <Divium Furor>: <Divium Furor>, cause it's my guild. About others, I'm not really bothered with voting guild I don't know.

Taira, elin warrior from <Plan B>: I voted <Plan B>, my guild. <Insane> cause they kept their promises, low taxes and stores open. And <Technical Support>, new formed guild and they are active.

Lissie, high elf warrior from <Lionheart> : I voted for <Lionheart> because it is my guild, <Divium Furor> because I didn't know what else in Northern, and <Big Eyes Small Mouth> because I love Elins.

Silentevill, castanic sorcerer, guildless : I wake log in today, I found icon showing voting so I went there. I vote for who had the most praises and thought its the best, but I don't know any informations about it.

Kyo, human lancer from <Impact> : Our guild voted for <Big Eyes Small Mouth>, cause they are good guys and make some fun events. I voted also for <Exodus> and <Almost Awesome>.

Biyu, high elf warrior from <Ying Yang>: I don't know, I forgot it.

Keiki, castanic priest <Whitestar> : <Plan B> and <Technical Support>, I don't really have a reason why. And <Big Eyes Small Mouth>, name make me smile each time I see it.

Hifumi, elin lancer <Lunar> : Voted for <Big Eye, Small mouth> for Arun, since they are doing a great job for newcomers really. For southern Shara it was <White Lotus>, they seem stable really, but its chance shot for that. Northern Shara is for <Divium Furor>, Fink is a great leader and a funny pvp person.

Dewiness, human sorcerer <Hello Kitty Adventures> : Don't know yet, haven't voted yet.

Uzumi, castanic slayer <The Crimson Eye> : For Arun i voted for <Big Eyes Small Mouth>, because the last two time they have done a good job. For Southern Shara, I voted for <Lionheart> because they haven't done it before so I want give other people the opportunity as most people last time put their taxes high. And for the Northern Shara I voted for <Harbingers> for the same reasons as <Lionheart>.

Darkku, high elf priest, guildless : <Big Eyes Small Mouth> in Arun, <WhiteLotus> in Southern Shara and <Harbingers> in Northen Shara. Not many reasons for the choice. Mostly trying to vote for active guilds.

Darkspawn, human lancer <Hello Kitty Adventure> : I vote for <Exodus>, since they are new to Vanarch and I wanted to see if they will change, since many Vanarchs now have either high taxes or nothing open. So let's give the new guilds a chance to prove themselves. Especially the level 60 chars want cheap prrices since enchanting cost a lot. I didn't vote in other zones, cause <Insane> and <Vikings of Midgard> have such a big lead, my vote wouldn't matter and they are the ones we don't want, so I don't understand how they have such big lead. I suspect most people just look at stats and just vote blindly for the ones with most votes, that's why they stay number ones without giving benefits.
A lot of guilds are unknown to the public. They don't advertise or tell us what their plans are. So how to know who to vote for. If the smaller guilds would just speak up and make themselves known to public, we can get rid of big and greedy bigger guilds.

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Post by Elloa on Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:56 am

A rumour on Samael is beeing discussed on Velika's : the <Third Eye>, a relatively discreete guild, had started to recruit a lot lately and in particular all members left from <Tangra>. Blacklotus, our Prime Lancer precises : I was friend with some of them. Bladesoul and Lira joined at first. Then they invited 2 or 3 from Tangra. I only invited players I felt were good. Didn't look at previous guild.

Grimy, the self claimed best slayer on Samael, and infamous ganker, had been permanently banned by Frogster. Unhappy, like many other players about the commercial fusion between the german publisher and Gameforge, Grimy express his anger in a video posted on Youtube. The movie is made to look like a "terrorist" message video. Grimy film his real face in the shadows of his own room, rap music in the background, and sent a warning to Frogster with a pistol (false weapon or real one, the story doesn't tell it). That was obviously begging Frogster for a ban. The video had been removed from Youtube.

"I think I took the joking a bit too far." Confess Grimy "I have contacted them and said 'Sorry, it was a joke and I did take it too far'. I asked if the ban can be lifted, they said: 'No perm ban can be lifted'... But don't worry, I do have 2 other accounts, so you might find a name you know. I will start fresh and I do apologies to anyone that took offense of my video. I will keep in touch once I play on my other account."

Tuesday 3 july :The first event hold by the guild <Arcadian Bandits> had been a success. Several players from different guilds, joined with one of their alt. A dozen of bandits were released in Arcadia and the bloodshed started.
The difficulty was too keep the PVP fair and challenging. There were more bandits than actual victims, and for some players trying to level in Arcadia, the event might have been a bit sour. Others targets decided to gather and hold the bridge while striking back. One of those well organised defence was led by the secret alt of Thremero from <Whitestar>. Another player from <Whitestar>, Darsk, a level 34 Lancer, came into the Fey Forest to offer the bandits a 10 minute long boss fight.
Differents solutions are considered to offer more fun to everyone along the next event and promote Samael to new players.

Two weeks without shops open in Bastion, the zone hold by <Darkness> which can cause desagrements for players doing their dailies or going in the Temple of Balder, one of the end game instance Tera offers...Magister confessed - said the rumour - that even without shops they will be elected again. So why even bother?

The small roleplaying Guild <Never Riders> had been disbanded after two of its member had been banned by Frogster for gold selling. Those players are innocent and unfairly treated claim Lightness (known on the forum as Deloria). The first player was banned, probably after have caught a virus on his machine, and as he couldn't log on his account, asked the second member to check if he could log in on his own computer. Which resulted on having him beeing banned aswell. Desperated to see her call for help unanswered, and two friends beeing banned for a crime they didn't commited, Lightness disbanded her guild and cancelled her account. Lightness was well known on Samael as a positive personality, involving herself in the community, and contributing in many way. Another great loss for Samael.
Nothing is hopeless, however. The community have shown their support, and maybe Frogster employee will be able to push the investigation further.

Sunday 8th july, a big event had been organised in Chebika by <Whitestar> : a duel tournament called "Who is the Caliph?", coupled with a special Teramillion with the possibility of winning more than 1300 gold and several rebirth items offered by Paralysis from <PRIME> and Darkspawn from <Hello Kitty Adventures>. The lottery was presented by Gimmi, the Teramillion organiser and Elloa.
Many players joined the event, and gathered in front of the lake of Chebika. A large circle was formed by the participants, and Mojo, warrior of <Whitestar> opened the duel contest.
The principle was simple : the duellist stand in the middle of the circle till he lose the combat. He is replaced by the winner that wil be challenged by another player. And this until the hour run out.
We had the chance to see many great duels. Gram proved his skill by winning the most duels, and continuisly fighting. But he wasn't the only one deserving congratulations from the crowd. Moto from <The Crimson Eye>, Thremero and Eridor from <Whitestar>, Nekonu from<Divium Furor>, Este from <Lunar>, Zodta from <Plan B>, Hellbound from <Dark Order>. Ellz arrived at the very end, when Gram was holding his place in the circle and close to earn the title of Caliph. Three minutes left and Ellz won the duel, compromising seriously Gram victory! Gram, ready to challenge him again had suddendly been interupted by Hifumi, leader of <Lunar>. The Elin started a speech about World Domination and opened the hostilities by declaring war against <Whitestar> . The harmony of the event let place to chaos and fights.
So who is the Caliph? Answer reported for another time

Following what happened in the event in Chebika, Hifumi makes an official declaration on Samael forums : "From this day onward Lunar will be ruling over Samael in terror. You will now all bow to me and my guild members, also begin to address me as your Queen. There is no going against this new order, so deal with it."

Monday 9 july, Thremero, Eridor (also know as Acharial) and Orson, members from <Whitestar> decided to move on as the guild wasn't fitting their ambition of more hardcore PVP. Indeed, <Whitestar> had always been focusing on the community and never intented to be hardcore in anyway. At this point it's not known yet which guild the three players will join, nor what <Whitestar> will be doing in the future. All will be decided in the upcoming days.

Two big PVP events are organised for the next week. Be sure to not miss it! First is organised by Ellz <The Third Eye> the friday 13th of july at 20h (Berlin time). He is tring to gather as much guilds as possible in Velika outskirt for a huge War and mass scale PVP.
The second is organised by Hifumi from <Lunar>, the saturday 14th of july at 22h(Berlin time) and is an original version of a capture the flad deathmatch event: Catch the Elin. Hifumi will play the target to be disputed between two teams.

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Post by Amelia on Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:00 am

Elin Priest, <Yin Yang>

9th  edition Sakora

I find community is quite friendly but it could be better. Anyway, community is everywhere the same. There are many different people. Some are acting like little kids and some like adults.

Human Slayer, <Exodus>

9th  edition Mozam

We need more people that live the game instead of just wyning and if we can merge with another pvp server it would be great. [ Can someone fix this sentence? xD ]. But now I feel like people are beeing like kids in game.
Castanic Warrior, <Sould Reapers>

9th  edition Emperial

Samael has a great community, with a lot of nice players/guilds! Yes, at times it's hard to find a party... but if you know where to look, you will always find one!
High Elf Sorcerer, <Kingdom Of The Universe>

9th  edition Xera

The community itself is very small, but a very nice one Smile. Definitely recommend this community to everyone Smile


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