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Open Letter - The real purpose of Whitestar revealed

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Open Letter - The real purpose of Whitestar revealed Empty Open Letter - The real purpose of Whitestar revealed

Open Letter - The real purpose of Whitestar revealed Whites10

I've never clearly expressed the purpose I had in mind for Whitestar. Officialy it was simply a cozy place where to hang out with friends and playing games together, keep building friendships along the years and not lose contact even when stopping to play.
But my real purprose was beyond that. I'll reveal to you what was my goal, what I tried to create, how it was an utopy. But..I think, and I stil believe today, even after the "fall of Whitestar" that it can work.

What I wanted to create in Whitestar, was an utopy. The experiment of an ideal society where people would live with each others in harmony, respecting the differences of each, be comforting, supporting, and caring. No matter from where they came from. No matter who they are. Because all humans are equals. All humans wishes to be loved and to find happiness. All humans deserve to find it. This is my strong believes.
I wanted to create an harbour of Peace and Joy on internet, in our gaming world, to not only enjoy gaming, but being able to refill ourselves with good energies, feel loved by other friends, and be then stronger to face the real world. Because someone happy, joyfull that feel loved will spread more joy and happiness arround him, and the joy created inside Whitestar, would have been deversed onto the world.

It sound like a sort of neo hippy sect. But it's not. I just wanted to take the opportunity of a media : video games to make the world a little bit more bright. Instead of using this media to make our lifes more miserable (as it often happen considering how addicted we can become) I wanted it to be a source of strenght, of relaxation, of peace, and joy. Transmuting the exit of our real world into a place where to recharge ourselves. Transmuting a sin, a "selfish" habit, or just time lost in virtual world, into something positive and usefull. Something that would participate a little bit to make the world a better place to live.

In Tera, my goal was to build a solid core in Whitestar, that would be harmonious, welcoming and caring inside. And that would spread positivism, dynamism, joy into the server. Things work like a snowball effect. Negativism, hatred, anger and fear take less effort and travel faster. Or so it seems. But the snowball effect works also for positive energives. You spend a good time in a game, someone tell you something nice, and you are in good mood, this good mood will affect the persons surrounding you in real life. And those persons will affect others persons etc etc etc...

I partialy succeeded this project, because I think that at many moment Whitestar members felt loved and cared and enjoyed themselves. Players in Tera saw a positive guild and it bring some good energies in the server.
But I also failed. I'm not feeling guilty, cause I believe the task was hard. And I know I did my best. But I want to apologies, humbly and sincerly to every persons in Whitestar that have felt at some point ignored, not cared, excluded, offended, hurted, insulted. Sometime, Whitestar had been soiled by anger and hatred. I've done all I could to repress it, but I failed. I failed you, and I'm sorry.
I'm learning today, a good lesson of humility.

I believe that I wasn't ready for such a task. When I was in my twenties, I wanted to make the world a better place. To participate in a way or another. I choose a cause : Friends of Tibet, and I volunteered to work for them. Then I understood that you do not make the world a better place by militating and fighting against unfairness, To make the world better, the first thing to do is to work on yourself. If every of us was taking the time to focus to refine ourselves, improve, becoming a better person, freed ourselves from fear, anger and hatred, devellop compassion and tolerence, feed the world with joy and love : then the world would become better by itself!

That's the Whitestar spirit. To devellop our sparkle of light inside ourselves, till we become a white star, that will shine and spread light arround. And more there is stars in the dark sky, brighter is the night. And one day, the Light will take place instead of darkness. Completly.

I'll continue this path, cause it's the path I believe in. I will continue to work on myself to becoming someone more patient, caring, loving, joyful, positive, tolerant, open minded, courageous and strong. And hopefully, by doing so, i'll help a little bit to make the world better.

To everyone that read those lines : I wish you to be happy, and to feel loved. I wish you to find yourself, and to find in yourself this sparkle of Light. May it flourish and devellops and help you to help the world.

Post Scriptum : Whitestar is like the Phoenix. It falled several times, but it always reborn from its ashes. Till there is hope and joy, Whitestar will never die.

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Open Letter - The real purpose of Whitestar revealed :: Comments


Post Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:32 pm by itslifejim

Wish there was more people in the world like you.

I do not think you failed at all Smile

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Post Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:33 pm by Chakra

Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts with us, and for being who you are.

Changing the world around you even a little bit is never easy. It took Gandhi 30 years to make the changes he wanted to see in the world.

Even if experiments seem less successful at first, they may still have touched many people and in the end turn out very positive.
So I don't think you have failed at all. You took the initiative, tried the best you could at this moment, and have learned from the experience. I see no failure in this.
You can only fail if you give up, if you lose faith in the community of man.

For me Whitestar didn't die, it's just cocooning. Who knows what comes out next...


BTW nothing wrong with some neo-hippie'ness Wink

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Post Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:37 pm by Tsukuyomi

Signed, agreed, approved, anything.
I really enjoyed my time here, and the fact that i didn't play Tera that much has nothing to do with the community - more the opposite, in fact. I've had lots of fun with people here, and i really hope that will continue.

And Wendy, If we ever play the same mmo again I'm gonna make a character that looks like yours so i can be your in-game sibling again.

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Post Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:20 am by Naiaria

Even if things didn't turn out exactly as you had hoped it doesn't mean that Whitestar Tera was a failiure. We've met a lot of great people along the way, had good experiences and accomplished many of our goals. This must be a success even if the end came sooner then expected! And while we're not in Tera anymore Whitestar is still a community of people that enjoys each other's company. Smile

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