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Recruiting moderator and writters

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Recruiting moderator and writters Empty Recruiting moderator and writters

Hello everyone,

As the title said, I'm looking for moderators and writters. If that interest you, please answer this thread with a note.

What's a Moderator?

A moderator take in charge a specific forum. He/she will be sure every threads are kept respectful and nice (wich should not be a problem here considering how nice are our members), but also clear, in the subject, understandible.
The moderator will also make interesting thread stickies, writte announce thread when something need to be announced, and clear the forum when needed.

What's a writter?

I would like to make the "News" forum very attractive (renamed : "The Blog"). It's presented as a Blog, and will share obviously the last news about Whitestar forum and our activities. But also articles on diverses subject.
As I don't want transform Whitestar in "Elloa's playground - come and praise her", it would be really awesome if some other members were writting articles time to time. The subject can be anything, it doesn't need to speak about games or what we are doing in game. Anything that you would like to share and is worth the interest of everyone.

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Recruiting moderator and writters :: Comments


Post Tue May 10, 2011 5:48 pm by Naiaria

I guess I'm already a moderator, but you can give me a specific part of the forum to keep organized if you want. ^_^

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Post Wed May 11, 2011 4:30 pm by Elloa

Well, you can focus already on the WOW part, as it's the one which is the most devellopped and requiere a lot of attentions.
Concerning articles and such, it would also be nice to have more articles about World of Warcraft as it's the game which (obviously) interest the most persons here, but I don't have so much idea at the moment.

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Post Wed May 11, 2011 5:45 pm by Sávian

Don't worry, I'm working some interesting WoW stuff! Time is short on hands though, but I'll see how fast I can get them out!

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