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Whitestar is recruiting!

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Whitestar is recruiting! Empty Whitestar is recruiting!

Whitestar is recruiting! Whites25

Due to the important numbers of applications, we are closing our recruitement for now. Whitestar do not want to expand too much and too fast. We want to take the time to get to know every players that have applied till now, be able to choose at our pace, and welcome properly every new Whitestar members. To preserve the stability and quality of our community, we are sorry to close our recruitement, and we thank you to have considered us.

whitestarWho are we?

Whitestar is more than a guild. Whitestar is a community of players that wish to stay together no matter what games we are playing, or not playing.
Our main focus is our community : we try to be sure that everyone feel at home, surrounded by friendly faces and be able to play in joyful conditions our favourite games. In addition, we enjoy to discover at our pace everything a game can offer.

Whitestar is focusing at the moment on 2 MMO : StarWars the Old Republic and Tera.

whitestar, another kind of guild : :more infos

whitestar is recruiting!

We wish to expand our community for both our projects. We are recruiting players that favourise the social aspect of MMOs, and that wish to belong to a community that they will not need to leave once they stop to play if it happen.

  • We have no strict requierement regarding age, skills, MMO experience, or time dedicated to our games. However, we will not welcome just anyone. We wish to meet like-minded persons : open minded, nice and friendly, mature, drama free, enjoying games and challenges.
  • We also have choosen to not recruit too fast. We want each new member to have the time to get properly introduced in our community.
  • The trial period for a new member is 1 week in game (3 weeks if not in game, but active on skype and on forum). The trial period is not a shool test, or a job interview. We just want to be sure that you will fit our community, and that our community would fit your wishes.
  • To be a real life friend, or a family member of one Whitestar player is a big plus, but not a guaranted acceptation.

Want to be part of our community?

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