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[WOW][Story] Zahrael - Background

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[WOW][Story] Zahrael - Background Empty [WOW][Story] Zahrael - Background

Post by Geir H Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:22 am

It was a warm and sunny day in westfall. Zahrael was working on the fields of his farm, together with his two grandchildren. Their mother was working with the dinner, Her husband gone away to serve stormwind and the alliance in the ongoing wars. Zahrael had been retired after the opening of the dark portal, he had served under tyralions campain. lost behind the dark portal in a alien world for many years. Once the portal had been opened, he had been allowed to return home to his children and grandchildren.

His oldest daughter had two children, both boys. Her husband had been enlisted to the military shortly before Zahraels return. once Zahrael had learned that his son-in-law had been assigned for the expedition going to northrend, under Bolvar fordragons command. As a aquitance of Bolvar, and as a veteran from both the first and second wars zahrael requested that his son-in-law had been transfered to another post, closer to home. He was then stationed in westfall, to serve the garrison there. It felt good to know his daughter and her husband would not be seperated as he once had him self from his love.

His second daughter, Aean. Once zahrael had been lost, and her mother had died shortly after. She had ran away, seeking revenge on those who had stolen her parents away from her. She then had met a man, who turned her life arround. He had saved her from damnation and a certain death. In return, she had convinced him to end his life as a thief and assassin to return home with her. He accepted the offer, and they retuned home to westfall. Though in time, the past had cought up with them. They had been ambushed by some their former employies once they where traveling to stormwind for trade business. Aean had been left mortaly wounded, while her love had been killed. Once again she had entered a dark and destructive path, running away again swearin death on her assasins. Zahrael had learned little more about her past then this, it was still a mystery to him if she was even alive at all. But he was sertain she was, she had been the one who had inhereted his strenght and strong will.

His thoughts had been broken by approching hooves in high speed heading his way. He looked up, and saw a young messenger approching. He was carrying a letter addresed to zahrael.

Zahrael, my friend and captain.

I know you have been retired from the army, and have taken up the guard of your children and their children. But things are much more grim here in the dark lands of northrend then once first expected. Our losses are staggering, we are loosing more and more soldier every day while the lich king is getting stronger. I send this request as a friend and former apprentice. The alliance needs you once again Zahrael, the alliance needs heroes to stand firm once again againt the lich king. To support and encourage our troops to victory.

High lord bolvar fordragon is planing a assult on the lich king and his fortress, this will end this menace once and for all. But i am affraid we do not have the strenght to complete this assult, our men are tired and exausted. I beg you, come to northrend. Aid us in taking down the lich king. With you on our side, the lich king does not stand a chance.

Captain Haftor Ironhand

(( at work, more will be finnished once i have time... ))
Geir H
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