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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by Elloa Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:37 pm

"Whitestar, travel to madness"

Short summary:

Whitestar is a Starforge ship that had been discovered among the wreckage of the StarForge by a special expedition sendt by the Imperial Intelligence to find usable Ratakan technology.
The Whitestar is a sentient vessel corrupted by dark energies. Those dark energies infected the Expedition on board, leading every members to madness. Anger, Paranoia, Mistrust... Crew members turned on each others, leading to a chaotic battle. The Siths and agents leading the expedition murdered each others, leaving few survivors.
In a moment of lucidity, the remaining equipage flew away to escape the dark influence on their mind. They landed the Whitestar on an unknown planet and worked on their own survival in this hostile land. Once they had recovered enough strenght, and stability, they worked to find their way back to the Empire civilisation.
Once returned, the Empire get its hand on the Whitestar for investigation and annalysis, while each survivors of the Expedition where debrieffed, subject to studies and annalysis or taken as slave and send for training. In every case, it has been demanded from them to forget anything concerning the Whitestar.

However, every members of the Expedition desperetly desire to be aboard the Whitestar once more. A strong longing that rely every members together in a same fate. For ever.

Long Summary :

1. What was the exact mission of the expeditionary Force from the Empire.

Trying to get the empire ahead with superior technology the Empire intelligence was tasked to find usable Tech from the Rakatan infinite Empire a couple of Sith pulled some strings and took over command of the mission hoping to advance their private agendas

2. What happened when we discovered the Whitestar?

The Expedition in search for Rakatatech that would satisfy their superiors and/or grant the sith in charge the advancement they longed for
They came across a derelict Warship at the wreckage of the Starforge first sweeps across the ships bow and interior showed it might be in an functioning state as it only missed Power(which is also the reason its still in one piece)
As rudimentary power was established aboard the bridge the ship-computer logged it as the "Whitestar"

Tension between the Siths rose as it became more evident that whoever brought the Whitestar back to the Empire would be able to advance their agenda tenfold as it turned out after 300 years close to the remains of the Star Forge, the Whitestar has been infected with some of the 'sentient' characteristics of the Star Forge, but also its corrupting dark power. That would also explain why the Empire would really want to get its hands on this very special vessel.

3. Why do we have disappeared. What happened during that time? Have the roles changed?

Inevitable a Battle for supremacy ensued between the Sith the Ship now reawakend hungering for Energy of the Darkside eagerly absorbed the power and anger of the fighting Sith consuming them in the process (leaving only husks behind.)

The ship now radiating Darkside power enveloped the whole crew in raw Darkside energy descending them into madness
losing their mind splinter groups formed around people which had their latent force potential awakened they fought and betrayed each other. It was total anarchy.
(if required for the Warrior origin some Sith could have survived | The leading imperial agents didn't survive)

As the multiplied energy lowered its intensity over time the remaining people had prolonged moments of lucidity,as they realized they are turning mad they tried to escape the influence of the Darkside energy to fully regain control over their actions again.

4. What happened since our return. What happened to the starforge ship?

After some times of disappearance, the crew managed to return to the Empire. After an preliminary Investigation of the whereabouts of the Expeditionary force the Whitestar is "taken away" to be analysed further and to study the effect of the Force phenomenon that happened on it.
The Survivors were debriefed and analysed for a time the Bounty Hunters negotiated their term of Freedom others were made slaves and some even recommended for training.

One thing they all had in common was a longing to be aboard the Whitestar once more.
A longing strong enough they could instantly identify each other as Crew of the Whitestar no matter where their life had taken them.
(its an easy method to bind the unlikely allies toghether from BH to SI)

the personal background remains free with this
it also fits very nicely to the origin story of the classes in Swtor

The Agent was recommended for training

The Bountyhunter got a Reputation which could be the Reason he was sought out by his Origin Story

the Inqusitor it became clear he is force sensitive after a period as slave he had the choice to either die or go to Korriban for training

The expedition crew


We need YOU to write our background - how to do?

1. Register your character

  • Full Name :
  • Race, gender :
  • Age :
  • Function in the Expedition (do not need to be related to what you are today):
  • Few lines about you:
  • Few lines about what happened to you :

2. Write a episode of our story

  • You can choose any moment of the story : the recruitement, the beggining of the mission, the moment we discover the Whitestar, when we are going aboard the Whitestar, the rise of the madness, the battles, the moment we try to escape, our survival on the planet, our way back to the civilisation, a random moment in the story, etc.

  • You write at first person only. The story need to be seen by your character point of view. This to allow to be biased, and to not reveal the whole truth. Your story will only be your witness. It can be inexact.

  • You can imagine NPC. Either someone else have written about them before you (and then you need to make your vision of this character fit). Either no one have speak about it, and you are 100% free. When you add a NPC please register it as character, so other players can know about it and include this NPC in their story aswell.

  • You can include other players characters, but you need to be very careful and be sure the player agree with what you are saying about their character. Maybe you will be asked to correct some details. Rely on the informations given.

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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by amuatama Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:40 pm

Full Name :Tyroth Acib only very few know this name
no one knows his name after the incident he was deleted from the official records

Sith name: Aequilus (he uses this name ever since he was made as a slave )

Race, gender : Sith Trublood , Male

Age: N/A

Alingment: Chaotic neutral mostly

Function in the Expedition :
Scientist often sent ahead for dangerous tasks
(part of first scout troop)

Few lines about you:
he was made fun of his whole life for being a pureblood without the force
he was often tasked with work deemed good enough for him
During the Mad season Very Happy
He fried his superior and his quarters discovering the ability to use the force in the process
He then went ahead and formed a group that claimed a territory near the bridge from where
they would raid others to satisfy his need for power.

on the planet he used his scientific knowlegde to provide for the group
as best he could.
away from the ship his force powers diminished greatly

Back in the Empire he was made slave after trying to attack a sith that
investigated the "Whitestar incident"
He was deleted from the official records
After building up quite a bit of rage he used his pent-up tension to flay his "Owner" strengthening his ability in the force once more

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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by SirOwe (Petter) Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:06 pm

•Full Name : Thruka'ar

•Race, gender : Human, Male

•Age : N/A

•Function in the Expedition (do not need to be related to what you are today
Part of the Navigation crew, designed and interpretate maps. Often stayed back in HQ as an operative, given and searched for intel that could beeen to use.

•Few lines about you:
Thruk'Har borned as Godrick Humble, was an very artistisc young boy, very fond of coloring pictures. He even sew some clothes when he got older. He had the thing with arts and looks. He soon began serving the greater good, The Empire fleet. They used him to design and interpretate maps over galxys, planets and huge areas.
He doesnt remember so much about what really happened at the Whitestar, he got some memorys from the planet they stayed at, that only the others know how long they were. He doesnt know why he was sent to training, or if it was his superiours who had altered his minds, all he knows is that something isnt right with his mind and that he wants to go back to Whitestar to find out what really happend.
He began the training to become a Sith

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SirOwe (Petter)
SirOwe (Petter)

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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by Elloa Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:34 am

Full Name : Dr Elloa Star
Race, gender : human female. During the expedition, she had lost an eye, and partialy her hearing in an explosion. She wear now powerful implants to replace and improve her lost sens.
Age : 25
Function in the Expedition (do not need to be related to what you are today): Assistant Dr Az'nem (medic)
Few lines about you: Elloa was a seducive, volunteer, smart, dynamic young woman. She was moody, a bit sassy and very in love of her boyfriend Chidan Frewekri, Cybernetic Specialist. After the events that happened along the Whitestar mission, she became cold, reserved, emotionless. She followed a intence training to improve her combat tactics and physical apptitudes.
Few lines about what happened to you : I'll not spoil my story. You will know soon.


Full Name : Dia Galor
Race, gender :Twi'lek female
Age : na
Function in the Expedition : nurse
Few lines about : Ex girlfriend of Chidan Frewekri, she is a vain, superficial, but very seducive Twi'Lek. She would rather flirt with the patient than actualy cure them. It's obvious that she had not been hired for her good healing performances. Appearance : her skin is azur. She have beautiful golden eyes, with long eyeslash. Her body is curvy and she moves with a feline grace.

Full Name : Dr Zacharias Az'nem
Race, gender : human male
Age : 65
Function in the Expedition : Medical head
Few lines about : Dr Zacharias is well known for his research on implants sirurgy. He is passionated by his work. Appearance : short man, partialy bold. His hair form a white crone. He move swiftly for his age.

Full Name : Chidan Frewekri
Race, gender : human male
Age : 26
Function in the Expedition : Young genius, specialist in cybernetic.
Few lines about : Handsome young man, blond hair, blue eyes, tall and sportive figure. Unchallenged intelligence, a bit cocky, funny, very charming. Tend to flirt with everything he find. Boyfriend of Elloa Star.

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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by A.O.D Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:29 pm

Full Name: Cheza Nefari

Race, gender: Rattataki, Female

Age: 28

Function in the Expedition: Nurse

Few lines about you: Being Shy, focused and clever. Loving the feeling to help people in need and dedicated to her work, made most people see her as a pure Workaholic. After the incident on the Whitestar she mostly stayed herself apart from her force powers evolving at an insane speed and her new interested in torturing patients. (rough)

Few lines about what happened to you: Coming soon.

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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by Chakra Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:43 pm

Full Name : Chak'Ra Dawnfall
Race, gender : Zabrak female
Age : 22
Function in the Expedition : Leader of one of the military squads to protect the mission and its crew
Few lines about you: Chak'Ra was born on Iridonia in a family with a rich military history. Her father was a Sith Lord and a multi-decorated hero who fought in the Great Galactic War. He was killed in an ambush during the attack on Coruscant.
Chak'ra has 2 grave ambitions in live: To make her father proud of her, and to take revenge on the Republic for the dishonorable murder of her father.
Few lines about what happened to you :
What did I do? Villnus and Hein'As both dead on the floor? All that blood... my hands... no I couldn't have, they were my superiors, my masters...
Darkness choking me, cannot breath...
Treason? Never! I won't stand for it...
Kill them, butcher them all... eradicate this evil plague from the Empire...
<to be continued>

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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by Kinjazor Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:06 pm

Full Name : Evelyn Waters "Misty"
Race, gender : Human Female
Age : 24
Function in the Expedition : security team, rank corporal
Few lines about : Born on Balmorra she left her homeworld and family behind to take on security positions on cargo ships, eventually joining the Imperial military. She returns occaisionaly to visit her younger sister, mother and father who continue to live there.
She has a very professional almost obsessive personality, this is reflected in her appearance, always clean, neat and tidy. Being a young blonde and with a slender athletic body added to being well turned out she appears warm and open, she does however possess a ruthless streak and is quite capable of being coldly calculating and taking life if warranted. During the mission she recognised the sheer power of and attached herself to Kaljika, whilst gently guiding him and taking control of her small group before things settled down.


Full Name : Kaljika Ma'ava
Race, gender : Cyborg Male
Age : 28
Function in the Expedition : Engineer
Few lines about : A hulking brute of a man and an avid technophile, like most cyborgs he has multiple implants, he however has started experimenting with using himself as a slicing machine, allowing him to physically connect himself to computer mainframes and terminals speeding up his interaction with them, altho it isn't fully working as of yet he sometimes has to rely on the old fashioned way which he isn't happy about and is constantly trying to improve on.
He was in the main generator room working on power interface systems when the infighting first started, taking an indirect hit from a blaster rifle and a surge from the mainframe his memory is a little hazy about what happened next.


Full Name : Kinjazor Meridaas
Race, gender : Zabrak Male
Age : 19
Function in the Expedition : Archaeological surveyor
Few lines about : Born on Dromond Kass to a moderately wealthy merchant family, he possesses quite a strength in the force and received training enough to have some control over it as well as martial training with practice sabers. He was always taken with artifacts, even as a child and loved to hear the stories surrounding them; presented with a choice of force training or academic studies he chose the latter.
*More to follow*

*Short story to follow on Misty and Kaljika, nothing yet planned for Kinjazor*


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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty From misty's eyes

Post by Kinjazor Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:59 pm

I had planned to write a small story of being onboard the whitestar.... plans went awry slightly lol.
***I've made some assumptions about the mission so far, please feel free to edit / delete huge swathes if needed to fit the overall story, I can always rewrite to accomodate***

Misty was on full alert as the team made its way towards the Starforge crash site, they had been dropped 5 kilometres from the site to hide their approach from any potential defences that might be in the vicinity although they expected little if any life to be near the place. She was in charge of a small scouting team, staying roughly half a click ahead of the main force with others screening the approach to either side and thankful to be away from the already bickering Sith.

As they topped a quarry it came into view, a huge mass of twisted metal punctuated with occasional chunks of marble and concrete, presumably from the destroyed buildings and hangar that should have stood in it's place. Signalling to those behind her to fan out around the site she sent a runner back to Captain Hanova the head of security who was back with the main expedition force, informing them of the situation. Ten minutes later the scout teams had the place surrounded, it was huge, larger than expected at almost two kilometres square. No movement or signs of life had been seen although she was still wary of automated defences; that seemed highly unlikely considering the scene of destruction before her. She could see the main expedition starting to enter the quarry behind her, a few hundred meters away.

After briefing her Captain and the imposing and demanding Sith of the situation, Captain Hanova started to give the order for the scout teams to move in only to be interrupted by an impatient Sith lord informing him the place was dead and ordering the site investigation to begin. Misty looked into her Captains eyes seeing the pent up but unspoken frustration evident, “And so it begins” she thought silently to herself.

The command area had been set up in the basin of the quarry, with a natural defence perimeter established around the edges, it was not exactly ideal but it was the best option available giving the amount of people and equipment it needed to contain. It was barely finished as night fell on the first day and the rain started falling. Nothing disturbed their sleep that first night but tensions were already starting to run high the next morning, not surprising as the quarry started to turn into a muddy field and the cold started to seep into their bones. The Sith had seemed to be arguing more than usual, but it was hard to tell with Sith; they were forever plotting and killing each other at the best of times, best just to keep clear of them and not make eye contact she thought.

That afternoon the first fatality was reported, a young trooper she didn't know had been crushed by a falling slab while trying to get into a large building, rumour had it one of the Sith had dropped it on him in his impatience to get inside, no one voiced this though in the official report.

Misty had pulled the graveyard shift for her watch, she tried to get some sleep in the early evening but the rain kept up and the steady patter on her tent roof kept her from getting any real rest. The rain continued into her watch. It was all quiet until 3am when frayed tempers finally snapped and 2 guards started stared fighting, it took 5 of them to pull them apart before weapons were pulled, luckily the injuries were light and could be dealt with without the need for the medics, if her superiors were to find out about this there would be hell to pay, they were already looking to make an example of someone even though things had went relatively smoothly so far.

By the second day a steady stream of small items were arriving for identification and tagging, one young Zabrak was apparently delighted by some of the finds, eagerly pulling things from the small anti-grav carts, occasionally exclaiming loudly about this or that.


More to follow


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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by Elloa Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:10 pm

Thanks everyone that are participating to this. Our background is getting build, step by step. Do not hesitate to include other players character in your story. For example, Kinja, you could - if you like - include Cha'Kra.
I don't know where the Starforge is standing by the way (that's why my story only happen inside the ship). Is it a building on a planet? Or is it like a flying station?

Here is my story. I've included - but not too much- Cheza. Tell me if anything doesn't fit your character. Hope you will enjoy it!

Do not hesitate to write also your story. It doesn't need to happen during the fight. There is many other moment of the story to tell. Smile


From Elloa's eyes : love story

That morning I felt something was wrong. Deep inside me, I had this feeling of doom, invading me at every pulse of my heart, making me sweat nervously like I was sendt to my own trial. I could not explain it to myself, each cell of my body was trembling, yelling to me that something terrible would happen. Today everything is making sense obviously, but at that moment, as I was regaining my post at the surgery block, I though simply that I could not handel stress anymore.

My fonction in the mission was relatively simple. I was the direct assistant of the great Dr Az'nem, a position that I obtained because of the efforts of my boyfriend.
Chidan is- he was- a kind of genius of his kind, a wonder of human nature, a specialist in cyber technologies, in particuliar mysterious antiquities. His abilities to decypher any kind of computer deserved him to be engaged in a very special and very important expedition sendt in the Outter Space, to investigate about some Ratakan legend. As I was tired of my utterely boring job (prove reading medic droid annalyses is extremly exiting, isn't it?), he offered me to convince his employer, the Empire Intelligence, to engage me in the expedition's medical crew. His charisma made the trick, I suppose, as I get contacted few days later to be part of the mission. I even didn't had to pass an interview.
I was really happy. Not only I would have a passionating job, a welcome change of scene, but also, i'd have to spendt several months with my beloved instead of risking to lose him in a Black Hole, a Republic squirmish, or worst, in the arms of a seducive engineer. Unfortunately, a shadow was spoiling my happiness. Dr Az'nem crew was composed of me, himself and two nurses. One of the nurses, obviously, had to be Chidan ex girlfriend, Mia Loo'Na, a Twi'Lek that I'd gladly have teach how to dance with my own riffle. I guess that my beloved used the same trick to get her hired than he used for me, cause I can not believe anyone right in his mind would confide his health in Mia's hand.

That morning, everything seemt normal, if our situation could have ever be called normal. After all, we had invested a marvel of technology, a remain of an indomitable fleet that was belived disepeared. We were in the Whitestar, a Starforge ship! This can not possibly be called a normal situation.
Anyway...while I was doing a simple sirurgy on a technician that had reduced his hand in pieces, I felt myself sinking in a renewed wave of anguish, and I suffered unbelievable difficulties to stay focused. In addition, I toke each movement of hips of Mia as a personal insult. I could not resist to bark her some orders in the most agressive way possible, and comment negatively anything she could do.

It's then that they arrived.

When I saw the two soldiers covered in blood carrying their dying collegue, my heart stopped to beat a moment. I felt it coming : the doom that was scarring me since the morning. It was coming. I reacted mechanicly, my mind lost in a kind of fog. I didn't heard their explanations. The poor guy's injuries were so severe that I was almost giving up at first sight. But I did my job, as a medic. I tried to save his life.

- "A fight happened", said Miss Nefri, the other nurse, bringing me back to reality " Something serious.You will have to be courageous. "

Her tone let no dubt. She was scared. And then I realised her warning. I looked arround me. Several other victims had been carried in the block while I was uselessly buzy with my dying soldier. We even didn't had enough beds for all of them. Among the victims, was Chidan, half his face ravaged by black burns. My lazer scalpel slipped out of my hands and hit the ground in a metalic noise. I felt my body drained of all its remaining energy.
My memories from that point are a bit confused. My emotions overflowded me. I remember to have cried, to have yelled, to have push away Mia with a unknown violence. I remember Miss Nefri, trying to calm me with a strong resolution. I remember her words resonating far away in my head

-"Recover yourself. Do your job! We have no time to lose.We need you."

She injected me a tranquilizer. My mind felt refreshed. My emotions were caged somewhere inside me. Like a furious beast, that was growling, ready to put in piece anyone if freed.

-"Dr Az'nem is gone already. Many victims have not been transported here. You need to join him immediatly on the bridge". Ordered me the Twi'Lek while staying above my beloved, cleaning his wound with tenderness.

Somehow, I just wanted to knock her face, eject everyone from the block, and stay alone with my love, in peace, crying over his ruined face. But I could not do anything than mumble a small protest, and obeying, leaving the place with a last look behind me.

I could not tell what I saw on the bridge. I've been unable to stay long enough to save anyone. It was a vision of nightmare. What happened there were beyond my understanding. It was a war raging inside the ship, with explosions, gunshots, and lightning everywhere. I felt sick immediatly. I've recieved a medic training after my studies at the Academy. I've been on the field. I've seen things. But this was different. I had the feeling to be plunged in my deepest and my worst nightmare. I could barely think about my acts. I was running, trying to cover myself from the fire, from one dead body to another. I never found Dr Az'nem. I never found him alife. And there were no one to save. Only myself. I didn't wanted to die. All I was thinking was about my beloved, alone, in the hands of this harpy. And she...she would try to steal him from me. She had lied. She had drugged me. She had sent me away to my death, to replace me. She had been plotting all along to take my place. And maybe ...this though terrified me...maybe he helped her. Maybe he wanted it aswell. Maybe they had been plotting my death. This travel, this mission, everything, it was only a trap, to get rid of me.

The cage went unlocked. The beast jumped free, and toke the control of myself. I ran back to the block as fast as I could. I don't know what I did. I think I grab a blaster on the way, and I shooted to anyone blocking my way. Not sure if I killed anyone though. All is lost in a fog of confusion. They had locked the door of the block. It drove me mad. I yelled. I screamt to make them open. But no one moved. They wanted me dead. It was the obvious prove.
I tried to recover my mind, enough atleast to slice the security computer controling the opening of the doors. And I managed to enter. It was calm and quiet in this place. The contrast was too strong : the white walls, the strong smell of medical components, the steril environement. I pushed away Miss Nefri who fall on her back and I run to my beloved. He was awake. I saw him. And he was smilling to her. I knew it! They had plotted against me! They had tried to kill me. All of this was only a terrible sheme, a theatre play where they were the heroes and I were the vilain that die in the end!
No! I refused that role. I could not bare it! I would not let them succeed. I toke my blaster, and I killed Mia with a single shot in the middle of the eyes. She fall on the ground like a dismembred doll. I walked to Chidan. I looked him in the eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. It broke my heart even more when I remembered all sweet moments we had spent together. I shooted him aswell, in the chest. He didn't die immediatly. He suffocated. Spiled blood. Watched me with his terrified and marvelous blue eyes. And I cried. I could not stop. I could not bare myself. I could not stand what I had just done. This was madness. I hated me with all my heart!

I toke the blaster, and I put it on my temple, ready to shoot. I closed my eyes. I pressed the trigger. It was all I deserved after all. I should have died on the bridge, in the middle of the fire and the Sith hatred. The only fate that I deserved. Beeing burned to death...
I heard the noise of the lazer but I wasn't dead. Chidan had grasped my arm just in time, and the shoot broke a lamp. Glass rained over us. It was his last gesture before to go. For ever.


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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by amuatama Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:41 pm

To clear up what the Starforge is i post that picture it was destroyed at the end of Kotor1 and is now a wreckage
Ebon hawk approaching the Starforge
I put an link and description in the Spoiler tag
and ofc it will spoil a lot about Kotor1 Razz

Star Forge

Known locations
Lehon system

The Star Forge was a giant automated shipyard, designed to create the most powerful army of all time, constructed by the Rakatan Infinite Empire in 30,000 BBY, five thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Republic. The Star Forge drew energy and matter from a nearby star which, when combined with the power of the Force, was capable of creating an endless supply of ships, droids, and other war matériel. The Rakata, also known as "The Builders," constructed the massive space station through the use of slaves from many subject worlds including Belsavis, Corellia, Coruscant, Dantooine, Drall, Duro, Kashyyyk, Manaan, Selonia, Sleheyron, Malastare, and Tatooine. This technological marvel came at a terrible cost, as the Rakata were by nature a cruel and savage species; the Star Forge began feeding off these negative traits inherent in its creators. As a result the Star Forge became an immense tool of dark side power.

The Star Forge, now a fusion of technology and dark side energies, began corrupting the Rakata in order to gain the immense power it required to operate itself and ultimately caused the collapse of the Rakatan Empire. The semi-living superweapon's ability to corrupt its users forced Darth Revan to limit his contact with the dark side artifact to avoid allowing it to control him as it did the Rakatans.


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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

Post by Kinjazor Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:55 am

Damn damn damn, for some reason i had the impression it had been destroyed and crash landed... reading while tired most likely^^

I'll rewrite this during server maintainance and adapt my story for something else Very Happy


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"Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background! Empty Re: "Whitestar, travel to madness" - Write our background!

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