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[preparation] BAM race tournament

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[preparation] BAM race tournament Empty [preparation] BAM race tournament

Post by Elloa on Thu May 17, 2012 10:35 am

Bad Ass Monsters Hunt

Whitestar invite all members of the Valkyrion Federation to participate to a Gran Hunt in <place>. Prove your worth with a team of your choice, and challenges others to win a prise of <...>.
The game is simple : be fast, be merciless, be deadly! The team that will <kill BAM the fastest>/ <kill the most BAM in 15 min> will win the Tournament and be declared Gran Hunter of the Valkyrion Federation
Interested? Send your inscription to Whitestar with the precise set up of your team.

Rules need to be fixed

Description : BAM killing race between teams of 5 members.
Two model are possible (those model will be decided according to the difficulty of the encounter, and the time an average team will use to kill one BAM) :
  • Race : Team are given a BAM to kill. Each team engage their BAM in the same time, and the team that kill it first win the race.
  • More kills in 15 min : Two, three or four teams start in the same time (depending the respawn of the area), and have to kill as much BAM as they can in 15 min. Once they have done, others teams will start their race. In case of equality, we start a race for one BAM kill (model1)

Tournament :

An interview of the winning team will be published in Samael News with a picture.

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