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November News

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November News  Empty November News

What's new in Whitestar in November 2011?

November News  Swtor-10

SWTOR : Whitestar rally the Empire

It toke us three polls, a lot of discussions, a lot of back and for to finaly settle our choice. Republic had been close to be our final choice several time, but the three poll ended to be in favour of the Empire. Latest poll we have 9 partisans or the Sith Empire versus 8 followers of the Galactic Republic.
Our guild is ready and settle for the Phase III ! We are proud to present you our SWTOR webpage. We are all very impatient to start this game!

For more details, read :
Whitestar in SWTOR
Welcome to SWTOR @Whitestar

November News  View_b12

Minecraft : our new server

The previous Whitestar MC server had been corrupted. We lost everything we had build, but we poured no tears, as we have established ourself in another world. More members have joined us in the adventure, and a very nice city is taking shape, slowly, surely. This time we have choosen to collaborate on a common project, while keeping the freedom to focus on individual constructions.

You can follow the progression of our city on this thread Whitestar Minecraft Server

November News  Wowscr20

World of Warcraft : following the luminous path

Several Whitestar members have decided to join the Horde and friend guild : Luminous Path.. Maybe the occasion to do some raids and to kill some allies before to leave Azeroth for another gallaxy. A awesome goblin squad is born!

November News  Skyrim10

Skyrim : stream on November News  1719136172

Very very soon, every fan of Elder Scroll that have not buy Skyrim yet will be able to enjoy a commented stream on November News  1719136172. The blog is organising aswell a small contest giving you the opportunity to win a copy of Portal.

More infos : +1Internets: Skyrim+Portal?


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November News :: Comments


Post Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:41 pm by Yima

...But what fun it will be with swtor!

I had to take out my vacation I had saved before the end of the year, and then took it well in time for the release of swtor. Loading up with a lot of lunch boxes in the freezer: D

Fun also with these newsletters. Nice to know what is happening in every corner of the WhiteStar

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