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February news

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February news Empty February news

What's new in Whitestar in February 2012?

February news Whites26

Whitestar is preparing for Tera

The most important news of the month is that Whitestar is working hard to prepare our guild for Tera. We have a lot of hope for that game, and we do intent to be good! PVE, BAM hunt, PVP, and Politics. Whitestar will be active on all scenes of Tera, and we are currently discussing and sharing ideas to organise and prepare ourselves. Our Tera private guild forum is getting very active!

And as we are preparing for Tera, we are also playing the ClosedBeta together. We are almost all in, and the first impressions had been excellent for everyone. Including some of our more sceptical members! Most of us have aggreed to play a Popori and we have already organised a very fun Popori-Deathmatch evening.

February news Whites27

  • Whitestar welcome new members!

    Along those past weeks we have welcomed 8 new members! We try to keep the recruitement slow, and be sure that every new member feel at home, while every old member do not feel overhelmed by too much new faces. So far so good, we are very happy to have increased our family.
    Welcome to : Malera, Itslifejim, Castiel, Elissia, Razashi, Karneelya, Gada and Tsukuyomi!
    Some older members that had been missing for a while are also coming back! It's always a pleasure to see that old friends are not forgetting our home on the web!

February news Videog11

  • Less SWTOR, more other games

    As a guild we are playing like SWTOR. Wasn't intended first, but the enthousiasm for the far far away galaxy dropped a lot once the Tera release had been announced. We are however continuing to do some events once in a while. We also do try to organise events in other games.
    Some Whitestarian have been initiated to HoN. We are still very nub, but we had fun nonetheless! Our Minecraft server is still up and progressing. Two new farms have been added.
    February news 2012-010February news 2011-121
    We have also the project to open a Creative Server, and to build something really fancy, but nothing serious had been decided or started yet.

February news New_lo10

  • Whitestar future new logo!

    As soon arrived in Whitestar, Karneelya is working very hard to create us a new logo. You can follow the progression of her work in this thread and share your opinion, or simply congratulate her!

  • Whitestar is streaming!

    Whitestarstream is the new JustinTV chanel you will not want to miss! We are intending to make it very active, with several members streaming their games. For now Majiin is our main streamer, but some othe rmight join when they have fixed their computer or their web connection *cough*. Expect to see some Popori madness very soon. Any comments or question about this is much than welcome in this thread.

  • Uberchar : the new Facebook for your avatars!

    Visit our page on Uberchar! With Uberchar we have the possibilities to upload a ton of screenshots, write the bios of all our old and current characters, and chit chat with other gamers like us! The website is in beta, but I've the feeling it will be very used and very famous in the months to come. It's also a easy way to gather MMO memories that would generaly be spread out a bit everywhere on the web!
    Whitestar have obviously been registred as guild for WOW, SWTOR, Tera and Minecraft. I'm currently working on the albums. There is much work left, but I'm getting it done, step by step.


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February news :: Comments


Post Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:56 pm by Malera

Great post! I hope to read more of these Smile

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Post Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:36 am by A.O.D

Good work Elloa.

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Post Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:29 am by Inugami

Sounds and looks promising!
*thumbs up*

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